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  1. Default Nexon picks up Unity enterprise license


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    ... we don't have Kart Rider anymore in the American version. :(

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    Isn't Unity used a lot on iOS games?

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    Unity is a cross platform game engine. It is mostly utilized with inbrowser games and i suppose iOS games as well. It can even be used on consoles such as the Wii. I looked into the usage of it quite some time ago (year and a half?) when I first joined SP.

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    Huh, learn something new every day. Reason I asked is because a lot of the games on my phone run on unity.

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    Oh this is interesting, considering that the Unity game engine does have quite a bit of potential as demonstrated here.

    Hmm, maybe they can port Kart Rider to the Unity game engine...

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    1.2 billion? I really doubt that but I'm probably wrong

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    Nexon isn't just Global, Nexon is merged with Wizet, so they probably calculates all of maplestory's servers, and all the other games.

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    And it's based on ACCOUNTS.
    Anyone wanna guess how many of those accounts are botters/hackers/mults for even legits?
    I know I have 2 accounts, I've heard people say they have 7 or 8.



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