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  1. Default Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Anyone got one?
    I've currently got:
    1 in Smokescreen
    1 in Assassinate
    1 in Shadower Instinct
    1 Sudden Raid
    8 in bstep
    Level 123.
    I've passed my 100% bstep 30 event book.
    It's possible for me to get at least 1, if not 2 more books like that from the Justice coin store. Actually, given that it lasts until the end of Februrary, I might be able to get 3 if I really really tried.
    So, what books to get, what skills to put points into.

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    There are great places to ask this, like KMS forums.

    But whatever, getting Boomerang step to a high level is the best you can do right now, then Assassinate for bossing. The rest is up to you.

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    Psh, I was gonna post this on leafre in a second but I got distracted by an idiot on basil.

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    You need 1 Shadow Shifter, 1 Fatal Venom, and 1 Dagger Expert. Boomerang Step, then if you're not actually using Assassinate or are satisfied with its damage at level 1, get Dagger Expert.

    Venom to 6 immediately to get the 3 stacks might actually be good if you Monster Park/boss a lot, since it adds more theoretical DPS per point than Boomerang Step, but rather useless in basic training since things die in so few hits.

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    You forgot the 1 MW.

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    Why do you have 1 point in MW?

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    I don't.
    That would be all the skills.

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    Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Copy/pasta from the one I posted on Basil:

    NOTE: Skill build has been changed, refer below to nrxus's build.

    • BS = Boomerang Step
    • FV = Fatal Venom
    • AS = Assassinate
    • SS = Shadow Shifter
    • SM = Smokescreen
    • MW = Maple Warrior
    • SR = Sudden Raid
    • DE = Dagger Expert
    • SI = Shadower Instinct

    Recommended for maxing BS one level early:
    LV 120: 1 BS (1), 1 FV (1), 1 SS (1)
    LV 121: 1 AS (1), 1 SM (1), 1 FV (2)
    LV 122: 3 FV (5)
    LV 123: 1 FV (6), 2 BS (3)
    MAX BS
    LVs 124-126: 9 BS (12) <- 4 targets
    LVs 127-129: 9 BS (21) <- 5 targets at level 20
    LVs 130-132: 9 BS (30, MAX) <- 6 targets at level 30
    MAX FV
    [MAX DE
    MAX SS
    MAX SI
    SR at level 28

    Build that the explanation below links to:
    LV 120: 1 BS (1), 1 FV (1), 1 SS (1)
    LV 121: 1 DE (1), 1 AS (1), 1 SM (1)
    LV 122: 1 SR (1), 2 FV (3)
    LV 123: 3 FV (6)
    MAX BS
    LVs 124-126: 9 BS (10) <- 4 targets
    LVs 127-130: 12 BS (22) <- 5 targets at level 20
    LVs 131-133: 8 BS (30, MAX) <- 6 targets at level 30
    MAX FV
    [MAX DE
    MAX SS
    MAX SI
    SR at level 28

    MAX Hero's Will somewhere in the [] range.

    At level 120, 1 BS is obvious and requires no explanation. You'll want 1 point in FV right off the bat just so it can stack two times, which well help with training at higher-HP monsters. 1 SS can be replaced with 1 SM if you so wish – it doesn’t really matter as whichever one is left out gets a point the next level.

    At level 121, I recommend getting 1 point in DE just for that extra 5% mastery (at other levels of the skill, you'd get something 1% mastery every 2 or 3 levels). 1 Assassinate is obvious, as is Smoke.

    Level 122 gets 1 Sudden Raid just for an ultimate to play with and for the DoT. You continue by adding points in FV.

    After you get 6 FV, where it stacks up to 3 times, we hit a snag. We can drop one of the prelim skills in the levels 120-122 to get 5 target BS one level earlier (may or may not be desirable when training, as nonglitched LHC/Monster Park will usually only present 4 targets per platform, but it would still be nice to have). So in levels 120-122, the way I see it, the best skill to drop would either be SR or DE.
    Even then, you might want to drop another prelim skill to get max BS with 6 targets one level earlier... at which point you might want to drop both SR and DE.

    Apparently, getting Fatal Venom to level 6, where it'll stack up to 3 times, will be more beneficial for damage output than maxing BS outright (according to JoeTang of Southperry) - so that's what I would recommend doing. Something exciting: it stacks up to 4 times with CO at level 12 (a whopping 680% per second).

    Since we require 245 points to max out all our skills (including Hero's Will), the skill to leave points out of would probably be Sudden Raid.

    Note that this build assumes that you'll do most of your training on high-HP monsters that will take you a lot of hits to kill, otherwise Fatal Venom is not as important to get to level 6.

    Also note that I don't play KMS, so this is from a purely hypothetical point of view.
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  9. Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Okay, updating this.
    0 MW
    1 AS
    0 SS
    1 SM
    20 BS
    1 SR
    0 FV
    12 DE
    1 SI
    Level 131.
    I'll start on Fatal Venom now, I guess.
    I got Dagger Expert 30 (100%) and learned that I could only get 1 55 coin book, so I'm going to actually have to get and pass books for Assassinate. Damn.

    On a side note, how the hell do I stop Assassinate from doing the finisher?
    It's kinda annoying for spamming it.
    It's really unpredictable whether it'll keep doing it or do the finisher.
    I know it does really good damage (about 170k most of the time) but when I start going to bosses with high touch damage (like zak) it's going to get really annoying. I say this because it's killed me a couple times at Aswan, on those huge pillars on attack mode.

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    Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    You should be able to stop assassinate's finisher by using another move. At least that's how I do it in gms.

    Oh and I've found that 1 point is smoke is relatively useful.
    Also its kinda hard to understand what the SS is seeing as it could be smokeshell or shadow shifter.

  11. Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Shadow Sifter.
    Smokescreen is SM.
    I was using the codes that MrTouchnGo was using for convenience's sake.

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    Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Funny thing, I was using two letter abbreviations for my convenience (no one I know refers to Smokescreen as SM - it's always Smoke. Assassinate is always Nate or Ass - never AS).

    Anyways, I don't know if post-Justice works like this, but in GMS, we Shadowers often used to chain Assassinate+BS manually or in a macro to avoid the finisher.

    Since you're playing a Shadower in KMS, do you have any comments about the playstyle?

    I've not gotten any comments on my build, so it's untested, and any feedback from anyone is highly welcome.

  13. Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Playstyle... huh.
    I find that with Assassinate at 1, bstep+carnival edge combo actually is my best 1v1 move.
    Steal is useless for me.
    I use bstep+muspelheim for grinding on low-HP mobs.
    I'm able to cast vamp and then bstep while it's still casting for minimal loss of DPM while healing.
    Also, I'm running out of keyboard space.
    So many damn skills and buffs.

    I just realized that Assassinate+BS would be lulzily good for charging Shadower Instinct orbs while retaining DPM.
    Gonna go try this right now.

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    IGN: MrTouchnGo
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    Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Lol, I guess I should get Vamp then, especially since I use Chakra so much at ToT (Chakra + Jr Boogie familiar = not even finishing using my 60 guild potions each week)...

    Do you think Assassinate+BS would be the best 1v1 when Assassinate is maxed?
    Could you explain Shadower Instinct and the Killing Points system? It's the only skill that hasn't been translated in the Ultimate Skill Tables, and the Google translation is confusing as hell.

    You should also take a look at my keyboard - I literally have 0 free keys except my f keys, which remain free because I can't use them without pressing fn. The pressing-Assassinate-outside-of-Dark-Sight-makes-you-cast-Dark-Sight addition was a godsend for my keyboard - I could finally put my BoT+BS macro back on there. ^_^

  15. Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    It's easy peasy mate.
    With Shadower Instinct casted you get Killing Point. Killing Points are obtained with any attack, at a seemingly 100% rate.
    If you cast Shadower Instinct while having killing point orbs, those orbs are consumed and in return you get +6 attack per orb.
    Also, those orbs cause a +150% Damage to Assassinate if you have all 5 orbs.

  16. Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Nate putting you into DS (like CoH for DB's) doesn't work anymore, all my sadness. I don't use nate and DS, wastes time IMO.

    Okay, Shadower Instinct.
    Basically, when you use any attack skill but Assassinate, you get 1 Killing Point. There's a maximum of 5 killing points that you can get.
    There are 2 different ways you can use Killing Points. One is with Assassinate. It can only happen with 5 KP. You use Assassinate, all 5 Killing Points are consumed, and you get a large damage boost.
    The other way is using the Shadower Instinct buff.
    It can be used with ANY amount of KP, and consumes them all. You get an attack buff based on how many KP you had when you used the skill.
    When I use it with 5 KP, my range goes from 7770 to 9049.
    When I use it with 4 KP, my range goes from 7770 to 8802.
    When I use it with 3 KP, my range goes from 7770 to 8554.
    When I use it with 2 KP, my range goes from 7770 to 8307.
    When I use it with 1 KP, my range goes from 7770 to 8059.
    When I use it with 0 KP, my range goes from 7770 to 7811.
    This is buffed range, and level 1 of the skill.
    I think it also has a PDR effect, 1% for each level of the skill.
    Okay, yeah, it's 6att per KP, plus 1att base, I think.
    Tested it out with Karma, which is 30att. Clean range+5KP SI was 7811, which was my buffed with 0 KP SI range.

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    IGN: MrTouchnGo
    Server: Bera
    Level: 199
    Job: Shadower
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    Alliance: Bastion

    Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    Alrighty, thanks. At LatinBandit's suggestion, I'll be shifting FV down by a few levels so BS can get to 10 first for more mobbing power.
    SI will also have to be shoved in, since its attack boost at level 1 shouldn't be ignored. There's only a few ways that can happen though... and LatinBandit just logged off on me so I can't discuss it with him
    1) Add all 3 prelim skills back in, delay 5/6 target BS by one level.
    2) Add only SI in there, delay 6 target BS by one level, 5 target BS remains the same.
    3) Replace one prelim skill with SI, nothing is delayed except that one skill. Choices for consumption are: Smokescreen, Shadow Shifter, or Assassinate.

    What think?

    Also, is the +150% attack boost from DS really not worth the animation?

  18. Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    You still get the 150% without the finisher, assuming you're talking about AS not DS.

    I think that it can be changed to:

    LV 120: 1 BS (1), 1 FV (1), 1 SI (1)
    LV 121: 1 DE (1), 1 AS (1), 1 SM (1)
    LV 122: 1 SR (1), 1 FV (2) 1 SS (1)
    LV 123: 2 FV (4) 1 BS (2)
    LV 124: 2 FV (6) 1 BS (3)
    LV 125: 3 BS (6)
    LV 126: 3 BS (9)
    LV 127: 3 BS (12)
    LV 128: 3 BS (15)
    LV 129: 3 BS (18)
    LV 129: 2 BS (20) 1 DE (2)
    LV 130: 3 DE (5)
    LV 131-138: 3 DE (29)
    LV 139: 1 DE (30) (MAX) 2 BS (22)
    LV 140: 3 BS (25)
    LV 141: 3 BS (28)
    LV 142: 2 BS (30) (MAX) 1 SI (2)
    LV 143-148: 3 SI (20) (MAX)
    LV 149: 3 AS (4)
    LV 150-157: 3 AS (28)
    LV 158: 2 AS (30) (MAX) 1 FV (7)
    LV 159: 3 FV (10) (MAX)
    LV 160: 3 HW (3)
    LV 161: 2 HW (5) (MAX) 1 SM (2)
    LV 162-166: 3 SM (17)
    LV 167: 2 SM (19) 1 SS (2)
    LV 168-176: 3 SS (29)
    LV 177: 1 SS (30) (MAX) 2 MW (2)
    LV 178-186: 3 MW (29)
    LV 187-189: 3 SM (28)
    LV 190: 2 SM (30) (MAX) 1 SR (2)
    LV 191-200: 3 SR (29)

    I've never liked maxing MW.
    Only affects duration.

    I put AS earlier. Don't really see any point in delaying prime bossing skill until 18x.

  19. Default Re: Shad build KMS v1.2.150

    So many abreviations...
    Anyway, here is my personal one, and the one I'll post in my Guide on Basil:
    Level 120: 1 B-Step, 1 Fatal Venom, 1 Shadow Shifter
    Level 121: 1 Dagger Expert, 1 Assassinate, 1 Instinct Shadower
    Level 122-124: 9 B-Step (10)
    Level 125-126: 5 Fatal Venom (6), 1 Smokescreen
    Level 127-133: 20 B-Step (30), 1 Dagger Expert (2)
    Level 134-143: 28 Dagger Expert (30), 2 Fatal Venom (8)
    Level 144: 2 Fatal Venom (10), 1 Shadower Instinct (2)
    Level 145-150: 18 Shadower Instinct (20)
    From here on you can choose Shadow Shifter or Assassinate to max first, personally I would choose Shadow Shifter since it has uses in both training and bossing while Assassinate is mainly just for bossing. Also add 1 in Hero's Will somewhere in this levels as you will probably start cZakking or HT'ing at these levels. One in Sudden Raid for the luls.
    Level 151-170: 29 Shadow Shifter, 29 Assassinate, 1 Hero's Will, 1 Sudden Raid.
    Here you can choose to max Smokescreen or Maple Warrior, depending on funds mostly. Also some more points in Hero's Will, max it even.
    Level 171-191: 29 Smokescreen (30), 30 Maple Warrior (30), 4 Hero's Will (5).
    Waste your last points however you want.



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