Just wondering if any of you where able to use your AP reset from cash shop? If u have any answers thanks in advance.

I have CS AP resets that donít work correctly i click on it and try to reset -MP then to luck after I press okay the AP reset doesnít get used up. I have enough spare MP to reset them back to luck and yes i have AP's allocated on my MP pool and my HP pool as well. It seems that even if I use to reset my stats like - dex to + luck doesn't work too.

Anyone here who was able to use any AP RESET from cash shop after Legend Patch?

If Yes,
  • Have you use any legend AP reset/hot time AP reset scroll before you used any AP resets from cash shop? or no?
  • How where u able to use it?

If No,

  • What seems to be the problem why it doesnít work?
    (Like it doesnít disappears after you Allocate points, after
    pressing ok when u set - and + either to stats / HP / MP )
  • Have u used any full AP reset from legend shop / hot time?
  • is the AP reset you used from cash shop or from that surprise box from cash shop?