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  1. Default Dark Souls on... PC?

    Sounds pretty nice, i've heard a lot of good things about the game but didnt have a console for it.

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    i hope its true.

    I so want that game for PC. :(

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    I kind of hope this doesn't happen because I'm positive that most people who signed the petition intend on pirating it which would just be a huge waste of Bamco's time and money and they're already in trouble.

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    It is true Nomad.

    Pirating on PC vs 360 is not as big of a leap as people like to claim. Combined with this game being marketed towards pretty hardcore gamers, I don't think you'd see a gigantic pirating issue.

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    This is now a Dark Souls discussion thread.

    They announced some DLC coming in the next few months. I hope it's really good stuff and not the usual, and no pineappleing "buy your way through the game."

    also I am currently at the Four Kings and am getting my butt raped.

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    It was kinda cheap, but for the Four Kings, I just put on all my high defense heavy armor, took my best weapon, slapped on the Ironskin Spell, switched to two-handing my main weapon and just let them have it and healed when I got too low. I killed the last King before I had to even use my third Ironskin Spell. Ironskin is pretty ridiculous.

    Aside from the butt raping though, are you enjoying the game more since you got to Blighttown?

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    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. There's not enough merchants and I still can't warp anywhere except Firelink Shrine, Anor Londo and the Princess Chamber with the latter two essentially being useless and really, not being able to warp anywhere but Firelink is in itself useless.

    I gave up on the Four Kings for now and ended up going back to Anor Londo and into the library where I promptly lost 32k souls against the unbeatable boss that it doesn't warn you is unbeatable. It seems like this game is a lot cheaper about things than the previous one, rather than being truly difficult. Reason I brought up merchants and warping is because I'm on my way down the crystal valley and can't defeat the Crystal Butterflies because I have no arrows and their magic is basically a 1hko if I don't have my shield up. Between that and the fact that the place is a gaping hole with INVISIBLE PLATFORMS (are you pineappleing kidding me) I am pretty much stuck and just really annoyed with how unnecessarily "difficult" it's gotten.

    Getting through the library was a pineappleing chore because you've got like 8 archers and two magicians on you at any one time and you can barely stop to kill anything because if you do you'll be struck from every angle and almost immediately killed.

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    Yeah, I absolutely hated Crystal Cave. Horrible place, although I did enjoy the boss fight. I didn't even bother to mess with the butterflies, because they will only attack you if you aggravate them. I died so many times in Crystal Cave (mainly due to rushing, so I constantly fell) that I quickly learned where the main path is to the boss. It's actually a very short area (the library was the main part of that section) and there are just a number of branching invisible paths that just lead to misc. treasure which may or may not be worth collecting depending on how much of a collection whore you are.

    Crystal Cave/Dukes Archives was almost the last place I did because of its high difficulty. Since you've already been to Anor Londo (and since you mentioned the Princess, I'm guessing you beat Ornstein and Smough), around there in the story I went through Darkroot Garden (but not Darkroot Basin, the second-half of the Darkroot Garden) or the Catacombs. If you choose to do the Catacombs, make sure you have a Divine weapon, because it's the only type that can kill the skeleton enemies that infest the place.

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    I've already done almost everything you mentioned with the exception of the Catacombs.

    And awesome. Seath comes without a mistwall to say HEY, THERE'S A BOSS HERE. This is definitely cheaper.

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    Sorry for the double post but I need a response and I don't know if my last post has been read by people who can answer this so editing it may be ineffective.

    If I warp out is it possible to return here later? Seath is kicking my ass. Since the only way here before was to get beaten and I don't see any connecting path to the main archive I'm a little worried that if I leave I won't make it back and it will ruin my game.

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    Yes. You can access any place in the Archives after you escape from prison. You can return to the prison. You can even call the elevator back to return to where Seath first killed you. Nothing is closed off if you've made it to the Crystal Cave.

    Tips for Seath if he's really giving you trouble
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    I ended up beating Seath a few minutes after posting that. Stripped off all of my armor. What was really giving me trouble wasn't killing him so much as my determination to get his sword tail.

    I'm kind of pissed and discouraged now. I finally got the rite of kindling only to find that I still can't warp between bonfires that I have triple-kindled. What kind of bullpomegranate is that? Why does the princess get a warp; she's completely useless. You said there was no back-tracking but the whole game so far has been almost entirely that.

    Demon's Souls was better simply because you could go where you wanted to when you wanted to.

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    Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find it much of a nuisance, especially when you open all the shortcuts between areas. Pretty much every area in the game has some sort of shortcut that makes traversing to it or through it much faster. So I never really felt like bad when I had to run back through somewhere to get something or visit a NPC. And for the further/main places, you got the Lordvessel warp.

    Most places in the entire game can be accessed within a small running distance from just Firelink Shrine, once their shortcuts have been opened.

    On a side note, you will eventually find the Princesses' warp to be quite useful when you want to upgrade your equipment beyond what the regular blacksmith can do, because the higher-tier blacksmith NPC is located just a small walks away from her room.

  15. Default Re: Dark Souls on... PC?

    Someone mentioned that there was an announcement for Dark Souls DLC. Anyone care to post a link, because I can't seem to find it.

    Amazing game though; the difficulty was stepped up from Demon's Souls, though the cheapness stepped up a bit too.

    Yet I can't help but miss my Blessed Mirdan Hammer +5. Fun times.

  16. Default Re: Dark Souls on... PC?

    Just google "Dark Souls DLC" for lots of links. There's no actual information on what it is yet, though.

    Also, related to Souls...

  17. Default Re: Dark Souls on... PC?

    Oh I know. I was hoping something a little more concrete.

    And yes, we forgive the developers.

    Give us the mod-able PC version, Namco!

    Though the main concern there would probably be piracy, I suppose.



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