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  1. Default Is there any 100~110 gear that doesn't need a recipe?


    I'm trying to look for a low cost way to farm Superior item crystals without having to burn money on repeatedly buying recipes. >:

    Also, I've noticed that the recipe for the 105 Katara can be purchased from an NPC. Can this Katara potentially give Philosopher's Stones upon extraction? Some stuff below level 100 can give Superior Item Crystals, so I was hoping the same holds true for this but I don't want to test it myself D:

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    Loot level 100 equips from monster park.

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    Find places that drop lvl 110 equipment. They're out there.

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    If you can solo monster park, get a double drop card, and murder that pomegranate. I fill my inventory with 90-110 equips EVERY single time. It's insane. Gotten 8 superiors today from doing this. And I've only done about 10 rounds at 10 minutes each run.



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