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  1. Default Cube order

    I have 6 equips that need cubing. They are all scrolled to satisfaction and cubing is all that's left to do on them.

    - 2L rare DTM cape.
    - 2L rare DTM shoes.
    - 2L rare DTM gloves.
    - 2L rare DTM overall.
    - 2L rare egged-once CHTP.
    - 3L unique Estaff 8.

    The goal for the Staff 8 is legendary, 40%boss, one other useful line. The goal for the other equips is 9%INT epic, unique or legendary, 3L not necessary but would be nice. My budget will be 190k NX plus whatever I can scrounge together from the MTS now (may total something like 20k NX given how MTS prices are set to crash and burn).

    With what's available (regular cubes, premium cubes, super cubes, epic potential scrolls, those scrolls that can add an extra line?) and RNG aside, what'd be the most efficient/cheapest way of going about getting as close to my goals as possible?

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    I would 3 line everything first and then just go crazy with the Super Miracle Cubes. Use up the Epic Potential Scrolls along the way as well.

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    i recommend getting your weapon to legendary first. the other armors/pendant can wait till you get somehting decent on your weapon

    focus on getting everything to epic next, 6% int at least. unique is such a hard potential to get for me, so that should be your last focus on your other equipment with what ever nx you have left.

    once you have everything at epic/unique potential or at the potential you desire i would 3 line everything then

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    go 3L unique on one item, and then i'd say to cube using super cubes, until you got 9% int, then move to the next item, just in case the item decides to jump to legendary, still go for 9% at least, then to the next unique item.

    consider getting to legendary a bonus, not a goal >.<

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    Wow, 3 completely different pathways. One thing I should have added is that regular cubes won't be on sale when I can get the NX. ._.

    > Pcube everything to 3L, then master cube everything, using epic potes where available

    Seems like a tempting one, but seems like the preliminary cost of Pcubes for 5 items would cut into the remaining super cube budget quite hard. Are the rates for rare -> epic with super cubes sufficient to justify the extra cost over regulars? Also, the 80% Epic Potential scroll says it has a 20% boom rate if it fails, does this mean it ultimately has a 4% chance of destroying an item (0.2 x 0.2) or that the item just gets destroyed if it fails? Sounds pedantic I know, but I'd like to be sure since 4% destruction rate is a chance I'd take while 20% isn't.

    > Cube weapon to legendary, get everything to epic/unique, then 3L things at the end

    Are the rates for legendary as bad as I seem to be reading? While this is also tempting, if the chances of blowing my entire budget on super cubes to no avail are relatively high (201k NX is equal to 121 super cubes, not many given some of the figures I've seen cited) I'm thinking maybe grabbing some 9%s on the other equips would be better.

    > Cube non-weapon items in a fashion that assumes legendary is not feasible, getting 9%int on them one item at a time

    Are you using regular cubes to get to unique here? Previous experience with regular cubing to unique makes me have reservations about that. s;

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    get them 3-liked before you even consider legending them
    because i'm pretty sure you can't use premium cubes on legend tier items because they're super cube only.

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis


    i meant using legend cubes, from what it seems, the epic->unique ratio with legends is worth the extra 60 cents, going for legend seems pretty random still, and i've heard a lot of people going over 50 cubes with no result, with some displaying the usual luck of "10 cubes or less"

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    Worst things to cube, Gloves. (too many out comes)
    Best things to cube, Accessories! (Less out comes)

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    The 80% epic pot scrolls really do have a 20% boom rate, so much more forgiving than advanced pot scrolls. At least they did not blow up my wifes Lionheart battle helm when she failed one.

  10. Default

    Mm, okay. I think I'll take a punt then.

    Staff to Legendary/40%boss first since a level 200 can't really do much else, 3L everything with Pcubes here in case something turns epic in the process, then CHTP to 9% since it's still marginally worse than my 12 Matk MoN, then overall to 9% and/or 2+ seconds of iframes (whichever comes first), Then gloves to 9% and/or SI (whichever comes first), then shoes/cape to 9% with no real priority on either. Frags to be spent on epic potes only, to be used on overall/gloves/shoes only as required (CHTP/cape would be too annoying to replace should they get destroyed by that 4% kill rate).

    May or may not exceed budget, but hopefully can get the overall/CHTP/staff sorted at least before I run out. Thanks for the replies!



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