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    Come on guys, what are we, playing "who can post about the BSOD first?"

    Well there are workarounds for some other cutscenes, anyone know one for the demon slayer ones? Tried ravenous clicking to no avail. I read on the retarded Nexon forums that some fool found a workaround and doesnt want to share it. Anyone know? :(

    Yet another reason to quit this game already...

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    Found how to work around it and don't want to share?
    What are they trying to gain? Level 200 before everyone else?

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    Well the guy's post said - Hahaha I will be the first to 120!

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    Yea! Becuase one child acting like a douchebag and not being able to make a Emo Slayer for another few hours is cruelty that rival even the most macabre torture... Oh wait...

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    lol first to 120? You can get there in a few hours...
    Piss poor reason IMO.

    Nice job taking that part COMPLETELY out of context...

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    *insert more irrational reactions here*

    As for the guy on Nexon's forum, he's probably bluffing, but his post implies that he edited his .wz files.
    Hoping for a workaround that won't stray into hacking is rather silly.

    All we can really do is wait.

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    If any of you have seen level 1's around, they are hackers. Read on a hacking forum that they use a map rusher to go to the FM and then come out in perion. Thankfully, they cannot job advance or make new characters for the event so... sucks to be them.

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    the only workaround for the black screen glitch that i am aware of at the moment involves hacking.
    basically, they teleport themselves out of the tutorial "map" and to a main town like perion
    however, i'm fairly certain that by doing so they lose the ability to obtain 1st job advancement, because doesn't that happen on one of the maps later on in the tutorial itself?

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    We can at least have our names reserved.

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    How the hell was that even close to out of context?
    Nexon screw up, hacker work around, butthurtness. Yea I think i covered that pretty nicely.

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    Because he didn't say that the douchebag was a reason he was going to quit the game.
    He also said nothing that would even come close to describing the situation as torturous.

    But feel free to continue to overreact to people voicing their appropriate frustration.
    He just wants to play the new class, as do many people. Your mocking people who are upset doesn't help the mood in the slightest.

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    Overreaction and me being a tad mean, sure. Out of context, no.

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    His mention of the person with an alleged workaround wasn't "butthurtedness", it was simply mentioned in hopes that someone else knew the workaround.

    You took that out of context and lumped it in with his actual complaint: Demon Slayers being unplayable.
    That complaint was the "reason to quit this game already".

    Out of context.

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    Guy list a few stuff and asks for the work around. The last sentence summarize that it is yet another reason to quit, and since it specified nothing, it included all of the above. My reaction followed. He might not have ment it the way it came out, but you can't call me out on my first interpretation, especially not without a clarification from the actual posters.
    But this is pretty far off topic, I'll just leave it here so there will be room for other complaints.




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