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  1. Default Unscheduled Maintenance - 01.11.2012

  2. Default

    I'm surprised. I figured they were going to leave the cutscene glitch for a few days before fixing it.

    Not that they didn't know about it long beforehand...

  3. Neon Atom

    IGN: rattboy
    Server: windia
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    there we go ...

  4. Default

    oh you're aware now? but weren't when everyone was crying they couldn't make resistance, legends, cannoneers, or mercedes? good job nexon :B

  5. Default

    you'd think they would've fixed this BEFORE launching demon slayer.

  6. Default

    There's no way it would've gone that long. At most it would've taken until they got into the office Wednesday morning over there.

  7. Default

    they had this planned
    that notice was PRE-SET TO GO UP


  8. Default

    I think this may set a record on Nexon's response time.
    Under half an hour to deal with an issue after people have started raging? Wow.

    Not that that's a good record by normal standards.
    They should have dealt with this a week ago when it started.

  9. Default

    Given how Nexon has performed over the past couple weeks, I feel inclined to be pessimistic. They were aware of this glitch for quite some time (according to Hime, anyways) but they waited until just now to start implementing a fix. Why?

  10. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
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    I'm going to bed.

  11. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    I'mma keep trying until I get bored enough to play Wakfu lol.

  12. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
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    My thoughts exactly. So much for a headstart on the ds clusterf'uck.

  13. Donator Straight Male
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    i was saying the same thing, anyone else share this point of view?

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    This feels planned .

  15. Default


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    It's so funny that Nexon acts as if they did not know about this issue whatsoever; its just that y'know..a gazillion people were raging at how they couldn't make other classes because of the glitch..
    Also, I even saw Hime like a day or two back post either on Twitter or Nexon Forums about this issue saying that it's "being looked at".

    Real smart, yeah?
    They obviously set up that maintenance then got lazy.

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    Some people are saying that in a tone not dripping with sarcasm?

    If you actually believe such a thing, you deserve to be flogged.

    Had this been planned, they wouldn't have the time set as "TBD".
    Any goon working there can put up an announcement.

    There's no logical reason for them to purposely botch a class launch.

  18. Default

    well they've acknowledge there was an issue on the 9th:

    probably took em awhile to roll out a fix

  19. Default

    The release was planned and put on automatic deployment at the date of the Legend patch. Of course they will release it even if it does not work, because canceling it would mean more work that aint even needed. I think they did this as well as they could given how bloody useless the forum servants channels of communication seems to be.
    Nexon is guilty of much but lets not overreact just because some of us are butt hurt not being able to crush things with the Emo Slayer for another few hours.

  20. Default

    Lol I wonder how long it'll take them to fix this. Considering hime says it was being looked at a few days ago, they should have a head start on things.

    But then again this is Nexon NA we are talking about..when has anything ever gone according to plan lol.



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