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  1. Default Thinking about buying an MP3 Player.

    So i've been thinking about buying an Mp3 Player, But i'd like people's opinions about what they think is the best.

    I had an Ipod Touch 3rd Generation, But it got washed in the washer, and didn't work afterwards.

    I'd like something that has a nice screen, good interface, and wont break from a single drop. Ive been thinking about the 32 Gig Ipod Touch 4, has anyone had any specificly bad experiences with it?

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    Did you put it into a bowl/bag of rice for 24 hours? Usually fixes pomegranate like that.

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    TBH, I cbf to find something other than an ipod for just my music. I may dislike Apple, but their products typically have great battery life.

    I do use my android phone more often, and using my phone eliminates the need to carry an additional device on my person.
    Plus my phone has access to my google music cloud, pandora, and other things 24/7 such as youtube and online podcasts.

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    I'd go with an iPod if I didn't need so much space. I just buy a phone and a 32GB microSD card for all my needs, it's not much more expensive than an iTouch4(money).

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    yea latest gen ipod touches are like $200, no brainier. I think other companies pretty much gave up on competing with ipods. focusing more on phone

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    The old Sansa Fuze player is great, my only complaint is it's shuffle is kind of derp. Does music/video/radio/audiobook/picture and has a tiny mic to record with.

    The new one is really....clunky, the touch interface just doesn't work. But buying an old one with an "actual" wheel on it off Amazon is cheap.



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