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  1. Default Was planing to get a new phone but...

    So on (this Friday) January 13 the provider I want to be with is going to get the phone I was looking at, which is Galaxy Nexus. (

    But today my dad came home from work and said "Some person left this phone in my office." it was the normal iPhone 4 (not the 4s).

    My dad isn't phone savvy so he has no idea if it is good or not, he himself has a flip phone still.

    I told him give it to the provider or to the Apple store so they can find the owner. He responded back and said "no someone like gave it to me that, she got a new 4,2 (four two) phone"
    I responded "4s" he says "yes, yes".

    I turn the phone on and see that the SIM Card is gone, and the phone is clean (no apps and no contacts).

    So I go on iTunes [I already have an iTouch (2nd gen) and my sister has the iPhone 4s] and see if I need to upgrade anything, and it was uptodate.

    I already talked to few of my friends over the iMessenger.
    Downloaded few apps (did BUMP for few apps).

    So now I am stuck...
    Should I stick with this iPhone 4 or get the Galaxy Nexus.

    The plan I am getting is from work (employees benefits : we get discounts from some phone providers) so I see no issue on me getting a plan and get any phone started.

    If I stay with the iPhone 4 I save $150 and I am contract free.
    If I go with the Galaxy Nexus I have one the newest smartphones in the market and I have a spare phone at home.

    My dad's timing to mention this is amazing.

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    I'd totally stick with the iPhone 4.

    However, I'm not you. Some factors I'd consider:

    1) Are you paying for the phone? (seems like you are, but just asking)

    2) Is there anyone you can give the iPhone 4 to? ( seriously shouldn't have an iPhone as a spare phone)

    3) Is there anything else you can spend $150 on?

    4) Are you paying for the phone contract? (if so, how much...?)

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    Yay a vote :D
    Ya I was paying.
    Not really, I would have sold it on Facebook for market price.
    Ya... new semester, so new text books.
    Yep, $55 (with 3GB data and lots of things unlimited with 450mins, it is a good plan thanks to work).

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    I personally still use the 4, the thing I like about iOS compared to Android is that the firmware updates are MUCH SIMPLER. When you hear a new Android firmware is getting released, you have to search around and HOPE that your phone will be included, while with iOS and a recent phone, you KNOW it will. I think you'll have more fun with the iPhone 4 vs the Galaxy Nexus.

    Looking at Wikipedia, this phone: came out around or after the time iPhone 4 came out and is now pretty much stuck to 2.3.6 (by the looks of it), will this be the Galaxy Nexus in a years time? Also to add, this happens to many Android phones.

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    I'd take the iPhone.

    Live the dream!

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    Also being contract free gives you more leverage with the service provider once "iPhone 5" comes out so you can get a free or cheaper upgrade.

    Also with Fido you can get a plan about $50/month after taxes, everything included...IIRC 6GB of data and enough talk time...and unlimited texts n stuff all that jazz. Just have to call retention after a few months, since you're contract free, again you have more leverage there.



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