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  1. Default Unscheduled Server Maintenance 01.08.2012

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    I thought hell ban was over and server stability again? Come on guys=\

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    Several people were getting hell banned again over the past day or so, and it wasn't restricted to Scania like it was when it happened a few days ago. Inconvenient time for me that this happens now. Was about to reopen maple to put up my shop before going to bed. Guess that'll have to wait a day.

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    Has to happen when my shop expires and has a few hours left doesn't it.

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    I'm afraid...

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    I was hoping the hellbans were some sort of automatic measurement to prevent duping after a server crash. Even if it wasn't very effectve it'd be something and it'd mean Nexon is doing something.


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    Dam, I was really hoping to put my store and sell my equips before master cubes. =(
    Oh well, maybe I can get a nice spot after the SC.

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    If anything they should fix the black screen glitches after any movie plays.

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    Unless Hime is informed of it, they'll probably never find out/don't give a damn.

    To this day, I still wonder why their "hardware" upgrades just resulted in more catastrophic server failures...

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    I think they know about it, think Hime was talking about it on twitter a few days ago or something

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    Almost the same for me. Was about to put up a shop before I go back to school.

    Oh well...



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