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  1. Default Mercedes opening scene gets stuck everytime.

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    I keep getting stuck at the mercedes opening scene when you make a new one.
    I cant get to play mercedes at all and ive been trying to log-in for a while now during 2x.
    How can I fix this... its so damn annoying.

    Images of problem

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    Go into your Nexon\MapleStory folder and delete/rename Mercedes.avi.

    edit: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sorry. No idea then.

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    Thanks for the reply. But I got through the cutscene. Now I get stuck at the part where you freeze in. I tried relogging about 7 times.
    Nothing works and I cant continue.

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    I can say that this has personally happened to me and a few friends of mine. You get stuck when you are supposed to level from 1->10 and freeze/unfreeze from the ice. I haven't found anything that can fix this.

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    Apparently a lot of people have this since the last patch and nobody knows how to fix it atm.
    Guess it needs a cs to get it fixed... -sigh-

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    Kept happening to me while making canoneer, always got stuck in that animation where the monkey is waking you up, what i did was logged in another character, changed resolution via system settings to 800 x 600, tried again and it worked.
    Maybe try this?.

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    This same thing happened to me in Tespia. Out of the 6 computers I play Maple on, 5 of them would get stuck like this. I was happy it didn't happen to me in the live server, but it looks like the bug is back. Thankfully, I won't be making a DS and thus my existing characters will be all set. I missed most of Tespia because of this bug so I hope they get right on it and fix it. (wishful thinking)

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    Going to try this.



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