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    What language are Phantom's skills like Noir Carte. I thought it was on an extraction thread and Italian.

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    French; peaches love French.

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    Noir means black in French...
    As for the other word... I don't know.
    Carte? In Spanish the word 'Carta' means card, I'm ASSUMING (not sure) it means card in French since Spanish and French have a lot of similarities.

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    Also there's the whole "The Phantom uses cards as weapons" thing, so yeah.

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    If it's in the extraction thread, why do you need to ask here.

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    His Card equips are also French-named. :P

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    Except in French it would be "Carte Noire"... French words but English syntax?

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    Anyway thanks guys! Guess it's not fitting that the 2nd half of my Phantom's name was originally Italian (changed the 'a' in spettro).

    I lost which one had it in there. Thread may be locked.



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