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    Default Maple Tree growing event - day 7 fails

    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!:
    Completing the "A Tree For Every Day" quest for the 7th day in a row does not cause a "Christmas Tree Day 7" quest to appear, nor is the trophy for the event given out.

    Days 1, 3, and 5 had the appropriate "Christmas Tree Day N" quest appear after the "A Tree For Every Day" was completed. The Day N quest is the one that gave the reward and stamped the participation book. Failure of "Christmas Tree Day 7" quest to appear means no AEE, no completed book, and no trophy.

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    Wow... that sucks. I'm at day 6

  3. Default

    Same, and not only that, the button quest has the same problem. Trophy won't trigger.

    I bet they won't do a damn thing about it, and nobody except maybe glitched people will get the chair trophy.

  4. Default

    Yeah, nothing here either upon completing the tree quest. ;_;

  5. Default

    The Good Vibrations quest keeps taking away the item without completing the quest or giving me the reward x_x I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It happened a bunch of times on my Cannoneer, then my Priest too. Seems like you get 3 a day, then that's it. Except that it keeps giving you the quest, just not completions.


    3rd day of participation
    5th reward received
    I did get both the return scroll and the recipes too (their images are swapped o_O)

  6. Default

    I can complete the vibration thingy twice , but after that I start getting only the exp reward, not the coin. I also have to forfeit the quest after turning it in because the quest do not finish even though I get the reward.

  7. Default

    Same exact thing in my case

  8. Default

    Same here as well. Oddly enough today I can't even accept the quest. Every time I go to accept it, it says I don't have enough room in my Use inventory even if it's completely empty, so yeah.

    No one's going to be able to get all trophies and the chair unless they do something about the tree and flashy button quests. :|

  9. Default

    As far as I'm aware it wasn't

  10. Default

    If so, that explains why it's glitchy as hell. The only thing Nexon can do right is copy and paste.

  11. Default

    This. I'm getting the same thing :(

  12. Proton Female
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    Same here. I have 4 open slots in the Used inventory but it still says I don't have enough room. :(

  13. Default

    Sooo isn't it impossible to get all of the trophies now? Since the Maple Claw's Button quest and Gaga's tree quest are unfinishable (and now retired events), nobody can get the trophies.. :(

  14. Default

    Yes, it is impossible. The only way is if they do a patch that re-enables the quests where they work or just give everyone the two trophies.

  15. Default

    like the magic 2 free trophies some people got after that one server check? I have 7 trophies but only have 5 showing x)

  16. Default

    Too bad there are trophies for having other trophies. so it's not only two from xmas, but also the "get all xmas trophies" one. So yeah, impossible for you even.



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