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  1. Default Fall 2011 semester grades

    Post 'em, bros. Post that sh`it. Terrible grades? Not a single f`uck was given that day.


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    Chemistry and Biochemistry major at Virginia Tech says hayyyy.

    Fall 2011 Grades + Overall GPA

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    Got 3 C's. All of them were pineappleing like 78's and 79's, so god forbid something goes right and I get B's. I hate this school for the reason that we don't have +'s and -'s.

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    +-'s are sometimes good to have. Though for me my Biology professor doesn't do 'em. Though I'm glad since I would have had an 82 and my AChem lab would have been a 91.

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    First of three Engineering Physics classes: A
    Introduction to Philosophy: A
    Calculus 2: A-

    I flunked the first two tests in Calc 2. The instructor gave some very nasty problems that
    a/ I didn't have to solve (but being the careless ol' me, I solved them anyway and wasted a crapload of time); and even if I had to on some problems,
    b/ I had to solve them using "groping in the dark" methods, not integration techniques later in the book.
    So of course he gave me no credit for knowing the material that I wasn't supposed to know at the time.

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    My semester doesn't end until mid-January.
    I call shenanigans on this.

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    Semester system is overs already dude. Well at least CAL and Merced that I know of.


    B- in Intro to Earth sciences
    C in Intro to oceanography (the teacher doesn't give + or - so I don't know if I'm on the high end or the low end)
    P in PE and History (which i should have taken for a letter grade since I got an A- in the class >.> But I was too concerned with the other ones to worry about the 10 page paper due at the end of the semester which i got a B on...)

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    I'm still waiting for my grades; they won't come out till beginning of January.

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    I'm not in college, but here they are:

    Science: 98, 96, 97 (98 exam, no curve)
    Geography: 98, 97, 98 (94 exam, 2pt curve)
    Language: 96, 94, 95 (97 exam, 2 pt curve)
    Reading: 95, 94, 95 (97 exam, 2 pt curve)
    Math: 94, 95, 95 (143/150 aka 95 exam)

    EDIT!: I put my quarter grade. These are now update to display semester grade (Q1,Q2,S)
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    -checks my online grade system excited-
    -sees nothing-
    Technically exams only just ended six days ago, but I am really anxious about my finals grades.
    Word of the wise, don't take 17 hours with 3 labs and an honors class as an Engineering Major. I did not make my schedule like a boss this time around :(

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    Principles of Beverage Service: B+
    Skills of Meatcutting: A-
    Fundamentals of Food Service Production: A
    Purchasing and Product Identification: A+
    Nutrition and Sensory Analysis: A
    Food Safety and Sanitation Management: A
    Macroeconomics: B

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    Finally!!! :)
    This was one tough semester... I </3 Digital Systems. I </3 Circuit Theory.

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    My school's semester is still going just so the quarters are the same.
    Stupid college/university...

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    Is that... Houston?

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    Holy hell, I thought I'd failed Database for sure. Either way, combined with Spring semester, I did a lot better than I did last year.

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    Oh wow, you're doing Database Management System too? Haha. -high fives- Guessing you're going into a Forensics program judging by your courses? Have fun with that, and also, networking classes are so fun. I miss them nowadays.

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    Yep. I live in Auckland, Houston.

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    Lols sorry never mind. Just my sister goes to the University of Houston and her grade reports looks the same.
    Then again I guess many different colleges can use the same grading System. Sorry the mix up luls.

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    Calculus II : A
    Classical Traditions : A
    General Chemistry II (combined lecture/lab) : A
    Geography : A
    Microbiology : A
    Microbiology Lab : A




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