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Thread: Outage Log

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    • Whole server became unreachable around 12 30, Issue was reported to Host
    • Host acknowledged issue around 2:30, escalated to tier 2 support.
    • Tier 2 support acknowledged host was was unreachable at 4 30. escalated to tier 3.
    • At 6 30 Tier 3 determined one of their update scripts had accidentally erased the host's own knowledge of it's IP address and failed to put it back. Ran hostname -i manually via local login and service was restored.

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    oh wow

    well, glad to see it back up.

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    Might be just me or it's loading a bit slow.

    Ok, so it's just lolat&t.

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    Pretty much, yep.

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    Yet still beats nexons "server stability" by a long shot

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