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Thread: Skyrim thread

  1. Default Skyrim thread

    Is your body ready for this game?

    A good friend of mine gifted me this game for my birthday, so I can't wait to play this on Friday. And I'll be casting it too on my Twitch.TV channel if anyone is interested in watching. :)

  2. Default

    I'll watch, but I won't be getting this game. I don't even have a single system to play it on. My friend, however, thinks it's smart to shove videos and information about this game down my throat even though I show no interest in it nor do I have the ability to even play the damn thing.

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    Having never played an Elder Scrolls game but curious about all the Skyrim hype and likely to get the game during break... what should I know?

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    Keep at least two manual save files for each character you make, and keep both saves about 20-30 minutes apart from each other. Bethesda games may be known for ridiculous amounts of content, but with it brings a lot of bugs that can result in broken quests and so on. Don't rely on autosave or you are asking to screw yourself over.

    Other than that, can't freaking wait. It sounds like they got rid of the stupid leveling system and tossed out just about everything level scaling with you from Oblivion, which is a welcome change in my book.

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    I really want to get this, out of everything coming out this month. It should have the best replay value.

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    Speaking of replay value, Skrim will apparently have infinte quest.

    1 more day to go.

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    Can't wait, it looks absolutely amazing.

    It happens to come out on the day i have a day off work, so yay :D

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    Although the quests would probably turn out to be very mundane and simple tasks, like kill this target or something lol. Still, it's something to hold you for a while.

    Also, less than 15 hours to go until release. Whoooooo. Too bad I'll be asleep when this goes live, but that's ok. xD

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    >mfw the 4 year old PC I had to use this academic year doesn't meet the minimum spec required after anticipating this release for months

    Probably a good job really. Really looks like they overhauled the magic system, Oblivion had you floundering if you chose to use pure magic compared to say, the lolUmbra Sword or something.

  10. Default

    Still considering if should buy it or still play it anyway and wait for a price-cut to buy it, too many games i want this year and this spring..

  11. Default

    That's how I feel. I'm playing Dragon Nest and WoW already, but Guild Wars 2 is coming out, new WoW expansion in the works, next starcraft expansion, Diablo 3, the old republic.... geez not enough time

  12. Default

    I'll wait for the GOTY edition with all the DLC. There will be lots of mods by then too that probably fix all Bethesda’s bugs.

  13. Default

    Think ill get it for christmas, but my friend said he'd beat any one of his friends to death to get it on Wednesday.

  14. Default

    Annnnd any interest I had in potentially had in this game is gone. No possibility of 100%'ing it? Not for me.

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    Just ignore the mundane quest in the completition list and your done i guess. Or use them to move around the world, sandboxie games are usually know for having a crap lot of unnecesary things to do (Unnecesary as in thing that wont make you advance the story of the game)

    Im in on bug fixes, but last time i tried to mod a sandbox game (Fallout3), i got too bored of playing it (Since installing the mods in the first place was a uber drag >.> even with the toolz)

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    Postman came... No Skyrim. Today sucks.

    Why do i still pre-order games from GAME? seriously, this is becoming the normal thing and its annoying me

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    There's so much hype about this game and I still don't know anything about it except that it's a sandbox RPG in a fantasy setting and that it's the 5th in the series. I guess what I'm interested in knowing is whether this game would be fun to someone who isn't really interested in/doesn't really understand sandboxing. Is there a solid main plotline or fun combat system? I played a bit of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and while the backstory to the games was interesting, the gameplay felt horribly lacking, the interface was clunky, and I felt like I was doing a lot more wandering around than anything else.

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    I can't wait for the game, but it has been delayed to 15th from flooding situation(I think) to be in the store.

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    Never heard of it but I'm just here to say the names they have for the series are awesome.

    Oblivion? Skyrim? Pure awesomeness.



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