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  1. Default Was the Compensation Fair?

    So, with the original compensation, plus 25K Prepaid NX plus 5k MaplePoints, is the compensation fair now?

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  2. Default

    I'm pretty sure you're lying about the 25k NX as I have been assured that it's quite impossible for them to distribute NX in such a way on Maplestory.

    SRSNOTE: I'm pretty sure the brother that has moved on to Dragon's Nest will be super happy. Not sure about the other.

  3. Default

    25k nx won't buy me 1/5 of the staff I lost. Maybe if my staff alone wasn't 160-200k nx i would be a little happier. And yes, my staff was the biggest thing I cared about.

  4. Default

    I'm definitely happy with it. Considering the 10k they gave me a year ago coupled with the scrolls/equip/new NX I'm about broken even.

    It's lulzy to think that potential would have increased my losses 10x probably, but it wasn't an issue when I was hacked so long ago.

  5. Default

    I'm of the mind that compensation does not have to add up to the amount that was lost, as many things can't be replaced, and this compensation package, nx included probably still does not equate to what most of my friends lost, but I can understand how they feel this is enough. Interesting how 30k nx makes a difference though, as the 30k probably would not've made a difference in whether Eos or some of the other more wealthy victims were completely compensated or not.

    That being said, till there is proof that they've stopped the hackings, I'm going to say that players are not being adequately compensated. What's the point of giving compensation, when they can be hacked again just as easily? It's nice they're responding to the results of the problems, but I would be more satisfied if they fixed the root of the problem instead of just the results of them.

  6. Default

    This is my point. I still have plenty of cash in game that i could convert to NX and maybe get enough for a staff, but at this point I'm scared to stay involved with the game. What has changed from the first time I was accessed without giving out any of my info and having a strong password/pic? It's just not worth it to go through it again. Plus, if they can give me reverse items, they sure as hell coulda given me a new estaff.

  7. Default

    Not Fair-|-|-Meh-|-|-adequate-|-|-Fair

  8. Default

    I have absolutely no idea what this sentence intended to say/mean

  9. Default

    He's under the belief that when your account was compromised, you lost a very large net worth of mesos/NX. Don't think he knows all of your stuff was locked / you only got NX siphoned.

  10. Default

    I think I remembered reading about that before. What I meant was that people were complaining about how the compensation paled in comparison to what they lost. So how should 30k nx affect that? What I'm saying is, I'm guessing this 30k of nx does not cut the difference between coming out of this whole ordeal at a loss or with profit, so it shouldn't make much difference. A loss is a loss, so it shouldn't change opinions on the matter, though I can see otherwise. My comment was meant to assume that you lost a lot more than 30k nx from being hacked, even if your whole account was locked down.

  11. Default

    While 30k NX + some throwaway items is not a good compensation for wealthy players, it at least gives them a viable chance to restart via merchanting (mushroom shop) and rebuild their characters.

  12. Default

    No way this is enough. I'm not starting again after losing so much, when in all possibility i'll just get hacked again. Why should i have to restart my character again? when being hacked was no fault of my own?

  13. Default

    If your expectations for compensation are that Nexon can (has the ability to), should, and is willing to completely restore every single item that was lost via hackings, then no, the compensation is not fair. It's too much for some people (net worth much less than compensation packages) and too little for others.

    However, Nexon's infrastructure and capabilities as they are now, based on Nexon's track record, is not nearly enough to realistically expect such an approach from Nexon, even if they should restore all lost items.

    So if you consider the compensation relief package (emphasis on wording) as merely a package to help players "get back on their feet," then I suppose it's as fair as could be for a blanket decision.

    That doesn't mean that I don't think Nexon should really beef up their security and start implementing a better support system for hackings (not that it should happen on Nexon's side in the first place) for the future.

  14. Default

    They still need to add more scrolls to the package and give higher level maplers a much better package.

    That package is still much better than all equipment I'll ever have for a long period of time, and 60% GFMA are just GREAT, but considering how the hackers seemed to be aiming specifically for richer players and a clean timeless weapon sucks for higher level players, it's just not enough yet. Actually, with the broken economy, I don't know what's enough anymore.

  15. Default

    As a "get back on your knees" package it's nice. Could be a little better, but it's nice.
    As a way to fix the hackings, it sucks.

  16. Default

    I think's kinda nice, though I've never gotten hacked ( well, I did but they didn't take anything, so I'm not counting that ) but I realize losing everything is hard to recover from.

    I'm kinda iffy on how you can only choose 1 character for the armor and stuff =/
    Especially for someone like me who is very multi-character-centric.

    I also think it should've came w/ a full SP and AP reset ( non-expiring ), just for the heck of it.

    But yeah, if rollbacking your specific account is not an option, then this is at least a way to get back into the game.
    (Heck for me, I'd be an improvement from the nubby-dubby stuff my account has now @.@)

  17. Default

    I guess i should think this "compensation" is fair, since i am waiting? (and quitted) since 2009 haha, after several tickets i log to Nexon, and after years receiving emails in my inbox saying "we didn't forget you", i should now finally rest in peace cause i got compensated for good. just let me show:

    2009 items before hack


    And now 2011 items after "compensation"


    Plus 100 elixirs, 7 scrolls for gloves 60% and wonderful 10 advanced potential scrolls

    I guess i can call this fair.

    Btw nice to see you still running the website Eos

    hacked since Nov 8, 2009 at 1:40pm pst/ 3:40pm est and refunded Oct 22, 2011

  18. Default

    It's still just a bandaid and not the stitches people actually need. The only difference is, now it's a slightly bigger, more expensive bandaid.

    Don't get me wrong, this is better than the crap they gave out before, but it's still not the same as a real, case by case fix.

  19. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    Personally, 30K NX plus the equips would not be adequate compensation in my case. Just off the top of my head, i had a +7 2 hand VIP BW that was GM scrolled, an 8 att u/h PAC with potential, a 4 ATT Epic glove that gave STR %, Red Rex earrings that were Epic, Evo ring II 17, Evo ring I 16, 101 Kind Cent with Epic potential, an OK overall, 4 DEX u/h Rat Mouth no potential. Beyond that, I had 1 Bil in pure mesos, as well as hundreds of millions worth of scrolls and equips to sell, or stored on other chars on the account.

    Even if I was to accept a loss on the scrolls and other miscellaneous items I had, the pure mesos and the equips I used wouldnt be added up to the equips given as compensation, specially not with consideration of what was happening when my account was hacked.



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