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  1. Basic2 The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    So as some people might have heard.
    (Especially the people who loved Super Meat Boy/Time Fcuk)

    There is a new game out called ''Binding of Isaac''.
    The game is based on a story about god telling a man to kill his son to prove
    that he loves his god above all other.

    You play as a guy called Isaac. His mom was called upon by god and told her that
    his son Isaac was corrupted by sins. She took all his toys away and even his clothes
    but that wasn't enough. God told her he was still corrupted, so he locked him up in his
    room. But then god asks his mom for one more thing. To kill her own son to prove she
    loves his god above all other. (Like in the religious story)

    She tries to kill Isaac but he escapes through a trapdoor and finds himself in a basement
    full off mutilated creatures who look a lot like Isaac himself.

    This game is completely random meaning that every single time you restart the game,
    the playthrough is completely different. You have to survive with the items you have been given.
    What happens if you die? You start over. Completely. Most fun thing about this game? NOTHING
    gets explained. You will find many MANY items and you will not know they do. Having to find out
    is really fun. (Especially the tarrot cards)

    There are over 20 different (And alternate) bosses and MANY different items you can collect.
    (Trust me this takes ages to do) 5 different characters to play with.
    And if you are lucky. You can even make a pact with the demon himself to make you even stronger.

    There's a Demo on newgrounds right now. To play it click on the link in the spoiler

    I myself have been playing for ages. The game is challenging. Really fun. Funny graphics and art style.
    Many easter eggs and references to populair games. And even the Troll face/Derp face/Forever alone face
    and more of those made it into this game.

    Have fun playing and I HIGHLY recomment buying it on steam for 5 Euro (Dont know about dollars)
    It was well worth the money. The achievements are great and there are SO many things to discover.

    Oh.. and beware of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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    Game's challenging in the beginning, but once you know what each item does, it gets way easier.

    I like it, it's entertaining and you'll never know what you'll get.

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    Saw mister fantasmo playing it, looked fun and simple too bad I cant play it.
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    Yay today in 2 hours to be exact. New halloween update for the full game.
    A new chapter after the current final boss. 1 new playable character. (6 in total then)
    20 new items. New end boss wich seems to be Satan himself. So damn curious about the rest
    of the story.. if anyone's interested here's his blog for the rest of all the changes
    that were made in the new update soon:

    (Doubt anyone on here plays isaac though. I still recommend it highly im still playing it a lot!)

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    someone gifted me the Humble Bundle and I got this game along with it, it's pretty fun.

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    I have like... 4 items left until 100% completion. They're either rare items, or the RNG hates me.

    Completing sets of levels without getting hit counts towards your secrets. You can't skip the 2nd boss unfortunately, so the Depths set is the most difficult.

    If anyone is interested, I can post my log of what each item does.

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    If you don't want to play, but you enjoy watching some let's plays, Jefmajor ( has played it recently on his stream. I find it quite enjoyable to watch.

  8. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    Wrath of the Lamb DLC is now available for $2.99. The game is on sale for $2.00.

    The new enemies are kind of hard/annoying, or maybe it's because I haven't learned their patterns yet. But yeah, pineapple the Widow.

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    I bought it yesterday when everyone was waiting. I have yet to play it though ;~;

  10. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    Bought it yesterday as well. I played it for a few hours today, a lot of the new content is really cool. Everything changes, basically. I really wish you could get an in-game description of items in the game, though. There is a new type of item equip called "Trinkets", and I've gotten a number of different ones, but I only know what a few of them do. A lot of the new items are pretty cool and I like the addition of challenge runs (although most are pretty easy... I've already completed 6 out of the 10). I haven't played through the regular game with the new content yet, though, so I haven't been to the new secret final area and final boss, or seen the new final, final ending, but I'll get to that eventually.

    Strangely, even though the DLC says it adds a handful of new achievements, there wasn't any added to my achievement list, so maybe they have just yet to been implemented or something. Works for me, as long as it still counts things I've already done with the new DLC (like attaining new items, trinkets, and the challenges...), cause I have only 5 regular achievements for the base game left to still get.

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    Trinkets? How come I haven't heard of those when I have the Golden God achievement? (If you don't know what that is, it means you have gotten all
    achievements, items and beat the game once without getting hit once.) .. jdcvksd... what?

    Whoa what? there's a new expansion???? hold on. wtp

    EDIT: How the f'uck did I miss this???? i'll be back in about 200 hours. o_O
    Thanks for telling me man!

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    That is all I will say.

  13. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    You're welcome and happy hunting.

    pineapple you, Widow!

  14. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    My only regret is having boneitis! is that this game is flash. That makes it very difficult to record ._. .

  15. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    There's new stuff for Binding of Isaac? Oooooo, shiny. Seems like I'll be adding even more to my 45h of play.
    I never beat that last boss.

  16. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    I defeted Krampus today for the first time. I used one of the new deck cards to get to him.

  17. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    I know what you mean, it's horrible.
    I have trouble running it on my laptop aswell. As soon when there's a lot of poison/blood on the screen I start lagging horribly.

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    So, I was pretty far into a game, had Ipecac (shoots green bombs) and got a 3-Dollar Bill (random tear effect). I got to the second to last boss and had the effect of My Reflection (tears boomerang). It was impossible, I died. : <

    Lesson learned, if Ipecac don't get My Reflection/3-Dollar Bill and vice versa.

  19. Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    I remember once getting to the last boss with the item that gives you a random item effect (don't remember the name), the saddest thing was using it during the boss and having myself teleported out of the boss room, placing me far from it in The Womb with less life and having to do the whole fight all over.

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    Default Re: The Binding of Isaac. (For the SMB fans)

    I can't save the game?




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