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  1. Default Suikoden - The Woven Web of a Century

    There are no words to describe... the words in my heart right now... just so pineappleING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PSP! CarrionCrow, get ready. IT'S COMING!

    Anyone who's never played Suikoden should die. Or just go download Suikoden off the PSN. And then if you don't like that then die. Because Suikoden is among the most inspired game series in the history of games.
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    OMG another suikoden game.

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    Ah pomegranate, it appears to be another spin-off; a sequel to Tierkreis, I'd imagine. The information at Siliconera implies it pretty heavily, plus the game isn't numbered. Sad panda but still pineappleING JOYOUS. I don't care what it is. Tierkreis was amazing in its own rite (though it didn't hold a candle to the main series)

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    *Massive nerdgasm*
    I would have prefered a sequel to the main series, but at least this will keep me going for a while.

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    Yeah, if nothing else, it's proof that they haven't given up on it yet. There was a lot of fear when Frontier Gate was announced but this is AWESOME.

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    I suppose im a derp.

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    This is a video game right? because I didn't see any game footage in that preview oO

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    By the way, I got a friend to do a very rough translation and here's what he came up with

    "Please learn about what happened in those times..."
    "What happened one hundred years ago?"
    "What are you doing? If the monsters are gathered -"
    "I don't know or care. (can't really catch this part, but it seems to be like "Who do you think you are to stop me?")

    Last quote right before the title is like "Should I stay in the world that's good, or keep walking towards a perfect one?"

    Definitely sounds like it'll be about the Infinity again.

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    I'm going to be updating this with every teeny-tiny piece of information revealed but until that starts happening let's have some speculation to keep this bumped.

    It seems to me that considering Tierkreis was not well received by actual Suikoden fans that they will take a different approach to this game. Hopefully adding in some of the traditional characters like Viki and Jeane (I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for either of them to show up in a different world) and we know the Yuber has come from a different world as well (with Pesmerga chasing him) so they could also play a role in this.

    I kind of feel like the reason they've started this side series is because they don't want to further disrespect old players with another Suikoden IV. Suikoden V was spectacular but that may have just been a lucky recovery. The creator of the series left during III which is what lead to the trainwreck that was IV. He wrote on his blog a year or so ago that he had received an offer from "that company" and he was very conflicted about going back to work for them again, which presumably meant Konami to continue the Suikoden franchise. In the end he ended up declining, which really sucks because he's a really genius war story writer. And if all of that is true, then this may be their compromise to keep the series alive without really degrading his work.

    This is also why IV and V took place in the past. I, II and III were sequential and obviously leading toward a conflict with Harmonia. Taking IV back 150 (or 168 from the end of Suikoden III) was obviously a move to further flesh out the world without derailing the actual story, which at the very least, it succeeded in. While V only took place a few years before 1, it was also set in the past for the same reason.

    Anyway... I'm pretty excited about this... as may be obvious. Anyone got any thoughts?

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    I doubt they will bring in Viki or the lady of the bountiful bossom, because then they can't claim it is a totally separate entry. I have a feeling they have some issues crossing that line, if Tierkries is any indication. I would love a little backstory of Pesmerga and Yuber though. That would be epic in its own right.

    If they ever release VI I sure hope it will reveal what happened after Luc's madness in III. If they want to sidetrack more, it would be cool if they remade the Suikogaiden vol. 1 and 2 so we could get deeper into the Nash Latjke storyline.

    And about IV, I can't really say I have anything against it storywise, the only really bad thing with it was how they made all the characters after a few core models. I also harbor a personal hatred for the king of Obel, but that's just me.

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    It's actually been verified by an apparently reputable anonymous source that Tierkreis was developed as a totally separate game and then got branded as a Suikoden and had some changes made to fit the bill when it was announced in order to help it sell. This game specifically has apparently been whispered about for over a year and has been a Suikoden from the start so it is far more likely that it will be true to the series.

    And yeah, I agree. Putting out the Suikogaidens in some way, even if it's just on the PSN, would be awesome.

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    Famitsu revealed more details about this today.

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    I stopped playing the series after Suikoden II. And I think it's best if I left it at that. lol

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    Couldn't be more wrong about that. III and V are two of the greatest games ever made. II was astounding, yes, and while III and V aren't QUITE as good, they're still infinitely better than most other games and hold their own in the series.

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    1 and 2 were the best, if you reloaded completed data from 1 to 2 haha, i've also played 3,4,5 hated 4 the most though. that new psp one seems interesting.

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    This is unrelated to the new Suikoden but still related to Suikoden as a whole and I will post it here because it needs to be shown.

    Frontier Gate is a game that is being worked on by Tri-Ace and the Suikoden team. It's very Monster Hunter-like though it is also an RPG and feels a lot like Valkyrie Profile. It's coming out in Japan on December 22nd and first editions come with a bonus code that unlocks this outfit...

    Hopefully we get Frontier Gate here--I've played the Japanese demo and it is actually pretty good. Being made by the Suikoden team doesn't hurt either.

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    4P information? Please don't do ad-hoc stuff, Konami.

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    I'll post a bigger image when it's available but it certainly looks to be the same style as Tierkreis. Also, according to Suikosource, the "4P" stands for some pachislot thing in Suikoden 4, but I have no idea what it means. Maybe it's "4 person parties" because S4 had that and so did Tierkreis.

    edit: found this while searching around

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    Two more scans and information~

    Six person parties are present
    It appears it will be using an MP system instead of runes (:( but not unexpected since it's probably a Tierkreis sequel)
    The girl in the bottom right is from a group called the Feather Folk



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