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    Although I'm very aware that there is a thread already about this, I have a different way to look at the issue plus some surprising information.

    If you google "Karma Koin", within the first few pages of results you'll end up at a USPTO (United States Patent Trade Office) scraper which pulls public information from USPTO and makes it available for consumption. Here's the link for all trademarks that Nexon America owns:

    You'll notice here that they applied for a Karma Koin and Karma trademark. The Karma Koin trademark was refused on a technicality regarding whether it was a magnetic card or not, but the intent to trademark the term is well-intact. There are also other trademarks there for which I couldn't find an immediate purpose, most notably Zombie Misfits and Wonder Cruise. Anyone know anything about those?

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    Wonder Cruise has been rumored to be a new Facebook game coming out from their new social game companies from the Nexon initiative program.

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    > Sees Audition
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    So, it takes about a couple of years for things like this to go through (seeing as the dates on most of these are in 2009). So, why did Nexon change the NX symbol if they were just going to replace it altogether?

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    Also, I see Kart Rider in here
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    wtp is that

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    lol DFO trademarks got expired.

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    I think the whole rebranding makes the most sense if they're just going to change Nexon's name to Block Party or whatever they decided on. Wouldn't make sense to keep calling their currency NX.

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    It is also smart because they no longer have to pay money to FastCards or w/e the card provider was



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