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  1. Default [1.00] The pictureless CTF

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    Pictureless because my host went down tonight. I have no access to my server, and the host's website is down. I had it so good for a few months and then this happens. Turns out they're having power plant issues.

    At any rate, not much changed in this patch or in how Nexon operates!

    As far as how Nexon operates, there is a folder within UI called "새 폴더" (LOL!) with an 8 MB IMG file that will never get used. Go Nexon!

    Also, the Zakum Helmet (+10) was changed. It's now called the Super Zakum Helmet. Instead of 10 slots, though, it now only has 1 slot. It is also now tradeable and doesn't require SoK.

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  3. Idiot. Male
    IGN: Enfris
    Server: Reboot GMS
    Level: 173
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Forever alone.jpg
    Alliance: Forever alone.jpg


    Ahahaha. New Folder.

  4. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A


    Is there porn in the folder?

  5. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: LukyMechanic
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 124
    Job: Mechanic(4)
    Guild: MechForce


    Wow... I would say a new low, but this is Nexon

  6. Default

    Nexon never ceases to amaze.

  7. Default

    * August Gachapon Jackpot: Super Zakum Helmet - REQ LEV: 50, +45 STR/DEX/INT/LUK, +150 Weapon DEF/Magic DEF, +20 ACC/AVOID

    1 slot, so you can pot it, and no sok needed for trade... hm...

    edit: o just saw it's level 50. Guess a czak with % would be better then

  8. Default

    LOL "New Folder"

    Is there a new trend or something now?

    v0.98 -> New Mob2.wz file (680 MB zlib compressed at level 9.)
    v0.99T -> Map.wz thrown into Item.wz
    v1.00 -> new folder called "New Folder" with an 8 MB image..

  9. Default

    I like the change to the Zhelm because, if nothing else, it means every new character I'd ever create would be set until an upgrade to a CZhelm or a Scar/Targ helm.

  10. Default

    Why is everyone getting all "OMG" about "new folder".

  11. Default

    ^ Because the new folder is called new folder, we must all laugh at it and derail the thread as soon as posible.

    The super Zakum Helmet is still broken to hell. Guard scrolls and enchantment scrolls say hi

  12. Default

    Buying a 15% stats Czak/Scarlion/Targa helm would be cheaper and better than hitting the jackpot and get it, then cube to unique.. lvl 70 tier > lvl 50 tier.

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal


    I'm more surprised it took Nexon this long to actually do something like that. Blizzard does that kind of stuff all the time due to dataminers and much lulz are had.

  14. Neon Atom

    IGN: rattboy
    Server: windia
    Level: 148
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Virtual
    Alliance: Sanctum


    will there be a pictureless nxwatch ?

  15. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade


    Before complaining about the zhelm, remember the whole chtp thing. I have yet to see ONE of those "+2 gacha chtps" in ANY server.

  16. Default

    Aww lol even though I'm rather dissapointed at MS's 100th patch I was looking forward to read through all the extractions like I normally do.

  17. Default

    Sairry in Mardia got one of the +2 Gacha cHTPs.
    He tried to see if my 100% Potential Scroll from Hot Time would work on it, but because it had no slots it wouldn't work.

  18. Default

    I don't get the "New Folder" joke. =/
    It's just a folder. o.o

  19. Neutron Straight Male
    IGN: Sugarsouffle
    Server: Broa
    Level: 200
    Job: Mercedes
    Guild: Virtus
    Alliance: TeamRocket


    There was actually one a couple weeks back in Broa. It had a bright orange SMega-esque chat line that said "Congratulations to _______ on winning july's Gachapon Jackpot!"

    I'll see if I saved a screenshot of it when I gain access to my picture library tonight.



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