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  1. Default Women are apparently sickly and cheap...

    ... snip snip...

    Read full article for more insights into the fragile & cheap nature of girls.

    Then again, maybe I'm just mis-reading the article's bias.

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    Silly eos women are clearly inferior to us masculine men, thats why you have evolved to loving men.

    Seriously though this doesn't surprise did you see this

    Shame though I've liked most of grandersons work.

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    Technically that is due to wars killing off men earlier making the average lower, though you were probably being sarcastic

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    Yes and no.
    Looking at the population at my grandmother's retirement home, the 80+ demographic seems to be predominantly female. Somehow I don't think it's because these ladies' husbands all died in wars and other forms of violence.

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    ...that only seems to further my point, I must be missing something.

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    What? I'm pointing out a fact!

    I think we both agree, regardless of whether men die because of war, because they consume more tobacco, alcohol and drugs, or because women have more resistance to infections and degenerative diseases. Any of these three possible (?) causes require that the male population get more healthcare than the female population!


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    But it doesn't mean that females don't have many many more unique conditions and illnesses than their male counterparts.

    Also, statistics lie when it comes to proving this stuff. Severe generalizations when statistics are taken usually overlook a lot of factors.

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    Also girls have cooties.

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    A simple cootie shot can deter such parasites.

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    They're too damm expensive though.

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    I don't believe in vaccination. It's a conspiracy. A moose told me so.

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    Now it all makes sense. I mean, housewives, geez.

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    Girls aren't more prone to illness, they just whinge more about it. Men live shorter lives because they are on the receiving end of said whinging.

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    Erich wins half a cookie! The first sentence is correct, the other is false. There's nothing wrong with statistics in itself, but when people interpret them, that's when bad thing happens.

    People usually forget blinding (placebo effect issue), proper randomisation techniques, or generalize the study. If the study doesn't explain how the blinding and randomization is done, then the study is unreliable - not because the statistics are wrong, but because data about the study is missing! Look for studies which are double-blinded, placebo-controlled with no drop-outs (or state how many drop-outs there are) and which is computer-randomized - if those things are possible.

    Plastic surgeons who gave their patients pomegranate juice and pomegranates before and after surgery cannot show that pomegranates have a positive effect on people, neither in general or for people who have pomegranate juice before and after surgery. People who eat a lot of fruit and care more about their health would more likely drink pomegranate juice than someone who does not eat a lot of fruit, for instance.

    Studies about how cells react to certain things (such as antioxidants) does not tell how the human body would react to more antioxidants, either. It just tells us that cells in an artificially created environment will react to X in some sort of way with a certain probability in some specific confidence-interval.

    Just be aware of that when checking out studies, guys!


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    Laughed pretty hard at the bolded sections.

    Domestic Violence Screening: This just seems to offer a chance for reduced pay if someone is desperate to be examined. I mean, what happens when they don't find anything related to domestic violence? YOU'RE FINE! ISN'T THAT FANTASTIC? WELL YOU DO HAVE A TUMOR THOUGH.

    > Institute of Medicine didn't recommend guidelines based on scientific evidence.

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    Men die earlier because they want to. Can't blame 'em for that.



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