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  1. Default Vaccine Mistrust Going Global?

    Great, this crap spreading to the developing world now.

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    Oh, so that's why we don't see Anonymous Moose here anymore. He's off in the foreign world, spreading his message.

  3. Default

    I went to this thing with my friend in the fall and they were preaching for people not to get flu shots. TO TEENAGERS. I was so angry that I ended up calling the speaker out as irresponsible amongst other things before leaving.

  4. Default

    A flu shot is mostly pointless.
    It's not like it's going to actually make you immune to the flu. At best it gives you a better chance of fending off the strains they guessed at and next to nothing from any other strain. It's a crap shoot more than a true cure.

    Now if they were discouraging people from getting polio, MMR, smallpox or similar that's a travesty. Flu, meh, whatever.

  5. Default

    No, they STARTED with the flu and then went on about the dangers of all vaccines and were really pushing it.

  6. Default

    Ah. Then clearly they had to die.

  7. Default

    Feels like we've been regressing more than progressing as a society in the past 10 years or so.

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    Can't believe those as'sholes would still believe "OMFG VACCINES ARE HARMFUL DON'T GET IT OR YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!11111111", even though the vaccine-autism link was proved to be a huge fake a year or two ago.

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    someone should give them polio.

  10. Default

    Ironically the flu shot makes my father get the flu shortly after, out of 5 times, he got it all 5 times. That was back in the 90's, he stopped in 1998, hadnt had the flu since.

  11. Default

    Fun fact. In a way, this started in the developing world!!! =D

  12. Default

    That explains everything.

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    Too low sample size to mean anything.

    Everyone in the world should be educated in research and studies done by people. It shouldn't take more than, say 10 hours. Then, people should be able to kill off vaccine == autism and other bullpomegranate studies.

  14. Default

    When I first saw this thread I thought "oh boy, we're re-opening this can of worms," but this has been decidedly nicer than before.

  15. Default

    5 consecutive years within the same two months, then suddenly to stop is enough evidence for me that my father, specifically, has an opposite reaction. In this case it's common sense that it doesn't work for him, which was simply supporting the fact to eos' statement of it being a crap shoot.

    Whether I took it or not personally, didn't really make a difference, I haven't had the flu in ages *knock on wood*.

  16. Default

    Wouldn't help. Superstition is driven by fear, and fear tends to trump rational thinking in all but the most highly trained. This is why soldiers are drilled on things to the point they're reflexive rather than deliberate; Most of them would choke and die under stress without it.

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    Hmm. If your father has an opposite reaction, as you say, how do you believe he would react to the flu normally? Do you think it would be easier to catch, or would it be harder? And, do you think it is impossible that the he got the flu after the shots by chance?

    Possibly, but it would at least help the ones who is in doubt.

  18. Default

    ITT: Devil's Sunrise wasting his time.

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    Treat them their own medicine!




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