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  1. Default RE: Boss Damage stacking.

    Behold, Southperry. I'm here to help you bust your myths, opinions, and facts or something. Basically this is my attempt at seeing if boss damage truly stacks. I will, however, be needing some assistance on the math, just to see if I'm getting the formulas right.
    Damage Formula


    Damage testing gets too tedious, especially with the 1 minute cooldown of Sudden Raid.


    Basically speaking, I couldn't test this anymore. Honestly I can't, the one minute cooldown is the biggest pain in the ass known to man. So I couldn't find out if 60% boss damage stacked with 8% total damage, although I'm assuming it does.

    Boss damage stacks, and here's mathematical proof and pictures to go with it. Have fun.
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    Does Sudden Raid work with Mirror Image? I don't remember, but I'm leaning towards no.
    Does Tornado Spin use your damage range? I recall testing it myself but I can't recall what the results were.
    Does the boss damage potential from a dagger affect katara damage and vice versa?

    Anyways. I believe you should be able to test with Mirror Image on an attack. Normally, Mirror Image will do 70% of the damage a skill inflicts. With the +8% total damage potential, this is increased to 75.6%. With 30% Boss Damage this should be increased to 98.28% if it stacks with +8% total damage. If not, it would be 91%. If 30% Boss Damage stacks (additively), with total damage it would be 120.96%. Without total damage, it would be 112%.

    Otherwise, your math appears to be correct, but if the above works, you can double check easily. Otherwise, I'm horribly mistaken about Mirror Image and Boss Damage.

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    28188*250%*.75*1.6*1.08 = 91329
    40269*250%*.75*1.6*1.08 = 130471

    45797/126271 = 36.2%
    126271*.7 = 88389
    I don't think so.

    Not sure what you're asking but I have 30% boss on my dagger and on my blade.

    Oh. Not sure. I wonder if this is the case.

    I'll try this out later.

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    That screen shot hurts my brain. I pineappleing hate Dual Blades. Can't wait for Chaos.

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    Okay so after some more testing. I have found the number I was looking for. I am pineappleing done.

    This is higher than the max damage of 60% boss damage normally.
    Assuming 60% boss damage(additive), ignoring 8% total damage

    Thus fits the model of the boss damage and total damage being factored in.

    Assuming 60% boss damage, whilst multiplying by 8% total damage

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    wouldn't it be easier to give a spear to a DK and tell him to sacrifice at something?

    katara's REALLY confuse me >.<

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    Now get a claw with 60%! And SP would show stacking right away.

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    Mirror Image doesn't work like SP in that respect. My mirror image does like, 56% of the damage of the skills that are buffed by Final Cut's passive 1.25x boost. It does 70% of the damage you would do if you were unbuffed.

    I also do 9k mirrored katara hits whose corresponding hits are 169k in PyPQ wth the +400% damage buff.

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    I won't believe it til someone tests it with one single weapon that has two 30% boss lines on it.

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    Um, My friend's shadower uses a dagger with 20% boss and 30% boss on it.

    If he were to use Shadow Partner + savage blow and the Boss % stacked, all the hits would be around the same damage correct? Due to the SP glitch?

    Cause that's the case when I went dojo with him.

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    I need damage range, skill used, ignore PDR and damage shown.

    I know for a fact Assassinate does the same damage with SP if it's only a 2 second charge.

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    Savage blow
    Dagger is 30% boss, 20% boss and 15% PDR

    Didn't have the chance to see many samples but all the non crit blows ranged around 36K and all the crit ones 47-50K including the SP hits.

    I know assassinate is weird. But a regular dagger with 30% boss only the SP hits are usually about 80% of the range and not 100% right?

    I keep missing my friend in game to get more data, but Ill try too soon.

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    Wouldn't it be easier to check with normal attack, no buffs, no skills, not counting crits?

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    Sort of.

    24706/38010 = 65%.
    50 * 1.3 = 65%.

    If the top number divided by the bottom number is more than 65%, or in his case it's 75% of the damage then it stacks.

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    No, I meant pure normal attack, not relying on shadow partner's quirks.

    Normal unbuffed attack using 30+20% boss-damage weapon should be doing 112.5% on Kacchuu Musha (PDR=25, adjust if class has a passive ignore-def skill), if the boss damage stacks. Just one hit lower than (1.125 * min_damage_range) would prove they don't stack. Conversely, one hit higher than (0.975 * max_damage_range) proves they do stack, since 30% boss damage alone can't do it.

    Can also do it at Dojo, but different bosses have different PDR there, making it a bit harder to keep track. Another convenient place to test is Krexel, also 25 PDR, but I think it does def-up occasionally?

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    Shadow partner is much, much easier.

    Too complex. See above.

    All monsters in dojo have a PDR of 25.

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    Sorry for posting while the discussion seems to be over, but what's the second part of the calculation? Doesn't Mirror Image still work like it used to Pre-BB? 70% of your range, not the skill damage?

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    This got changed a long time ago. It's 70% of your skill damage.

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    Sorry, I've had conflicting schedules with my friend. Finally got him to dojo for me with SP, and the top # was constantly 75% of the bottom. SP makes this tons easier.

    Now the question is. Is it only client sided, and maybe the bosses are actually taking only 30/20%. I would assume not, since he swears his HT times are much faster now since he cubed it to 50%.

    Second question is if the order of potential (20 on top or bot) matters. And the 3rd I guess is if this applies to everything and not just daggers.

    And the last question would be if total % dmg stacks now as well, should be easier to test since there's quite a few gears out there with multiple lines of those I think.

    His SS of the dmg, and the dagger used from a while back.

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    34119/45493 = 0.74998351394720066823467346624755
    Client sided would mean only he would see it.. Since you're seeing it.. well... That's server sided.
    Nope and Yep.

    I don't know. However I do know that total % damage stacks with boss % damage.



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