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Thread: [GMS] [0.98] Cake vs. Pie

  1. Default [0.98] Cake vs. Pie

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    This patch isn't nearly as epic as a 600+ MB patch would lead you to believe, but I'll cover the more salient aspects of it. Looking at this patch, it feels more like a 10 - 20 MB patch than a 600+ MB patch.

    - It looks like Nexon has done a lot of work getting CvP set up. A lot of aspects about CvP is shown in the client-side data - such as which items are discounted and from which NPCs, which mobs have which HP (variable amount of HP per mob), and which maps give additional EXP. I applaud them for the amount of work that I see. Now let's just see if the implementation is good.
    - Resistance, Dual Blade, Evan, and Aran classes have been disabled from creation. That is... if I'm reading this right.
    - New world icons added - Plana & Chaos
    - Cake chair. As one would expect, it's made out of cake. Unfortunately, I don't see the Pie chair to compensate. :(
    - There is no PvP skill data added. There is some PvP UI data added but only some of it is translated.
    - There is a PvP world select screen added. It's called the "Age of Battle", and it looks pretty hot.
    - Elemental weapons still not fixed.


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    Gonna post the PvP world select screen?

    and oh lawd, more servers is exactly what maple needs

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    2 new worlds after announcing the world alliances? lol..

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    Wait... did they disable the wrong characters?

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    A lot of stuff about this patch seems like meh, but interesting at the same time.

    And a PvP world select screen? What?

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    Oh wow. Then again, it's not going to surprise me that they would make that kind of mistake.

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    No. Resistance was disabled too I believe.

  8. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Resistance was disabled right before Chaos in KMS as well. It seems Nexon forgot to disable Evan, though. Unless Evan was never disabled in KMS.

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    Why would they add more worlds?

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    Lol at two new worlds. On the site, there's a poll right now, "Q: Help us choose a name for a new world that will launch during the Chaos update!"

    I don't see Chaos at all, but Plana is at a lol1%. Nova's also leading at 39%, followed by Cosmo (14%), and Aster (7%). GG, Nexon?

    That PvP select screen looks mighty decent.

  11. Idiot. Male
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    Age of Battle sounds like a terrible content update name... Nexon, stick with fan translated names please. :)

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    I thought age of battle sounded pretty cool.

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    Maybe it's just me, but I find it funny that they have the Cake and Pie NPCs on the opposite sides of their main guy.

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    There goes my income.

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    time to hoard DB characters and sell them on the internets? xD

  16. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Erm, I don't see that on the site. o:

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    Everyone vote for the world to be named "Dar" so no one joins it -.-

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    They still have time to change it? Just because it's there now doesn't mean it won't change. See BB Tespia.


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