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  1. Default 6th Anniversary Help Thread

    Maple Items by Mob
    Maple Items by Item
    Box Rewards

    Let me know if there's anything else you guys want.
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    Dang @ Book Ghost and Sage Cat.

    I should go to Mu Lung then. :P

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    Dammit Paul.
    I was going to do this.
    Thanks for ninjaing me though, you made it look nicer than what I would have done. :D

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    You have the Maple Demon Axe listed twice under the Sage Cat

    What are the Anniversary Weapon Boxes from? nevermind, didn't read what you can get from the anniversary boxes

    Thanks for this btw, makes it a lot easier than using ctrl + f straight on the website

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    So do they.

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    lol wow they do, good one nexon

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    I took a stab at it, but it's not as tidy as this.

    On the other hand, if you quote my post, and sed replace | with , then you'll get a usable CSV. Which is convenient if you want to play with the sorting yourself.



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