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  1. Default State of Emergency

    My home was hit by a flash flood this morning around 2 AM, my car and my entire lower level are under 3 to 4 feet of water right now. I escaped safely with my pets, however I am now temporarily without transportation or shelter.

    My access to Southperry will obviously be somewhat limited while I try to get things in order. I've been camped in my corporate office since 4 am trying to get things straightened out and prioritized.

    Anyone feeling charitable can feel free to make a donation via the Market.
    For the next week or so Karma values for donations will be at 2x in appreciation for anyone who cares enough to try to help out during this difficult time.

    I will keep this thread updated as I know more. I think there'll be a news report interviewing me online after 8 am for anyone who wants to laugh at me soaked in my jammies answering some of the stupidest questions that only a local newsman can ask during a disaster.

    Day #1 Update:
    Photos for the morbidly curious.

    Cats have been returned to the apartment. They're locked upstairs in the bedroom with food & water and a litter pan. Not ideal but it's better than leaving them locked in a carrier in a strange place with other unfamiliar cats.

    Daily Updates
    For the interested I'll be keeping updates in my blog in it's own section, and will append updates throughout each day as I have time and news.
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    Wow, I really hope the damage isn't too great. I felt really unlucky when my laptop HDD committed suicide, but that pales in comparison to this =/

    Also, I DEMAND to see that report.

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    My condolences.

    I hope you had insurance?

  4. Default

    I should charge admission to it.

    Full coverage on the car, but if it's totaled that's just blue book replacement value and having to find a new one.
    Renter's insurance, but probably doesn't cover floods, since most flood insurance is completely separate and I can't get to my documentation to verify.

    The biggest issue is being temporarily homeless, since the entire downstairs is devastated.

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    holy crap eos, i don't even know what to say, at least you and your second floor are safe, and hoping you do have that flood insurance, but still...

    and what is that news thing all about? "hey, you house flooded, come tell the world!" god, i swear sometimes... how does that news thing work, and what are your plans now? move with a friend?

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    Dam that sucks, I hope everything works out.

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    I pored through Louisiana state law to find anything about renter's insurance and flooding. I figured there had to be stuff added in the past few years due to Katrina. This was the only section I could find.

    How to find more stuff on Louisiana Title 22

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    Rental insurance will cover lost possessions, but it will take up to three days before they come look and form an estimate for what they'll pay (minus $500.00 deductible of course).

    It may also take up to three days to get the car looked at. Retail price of my car at this time is ~10K but no idea what their replacement value will be or if they'll try to repair it. Thankfully I do have comprehensive coverage, another $250.00 deductible there though.

    On a humorous note:

    But they don't cover damages:
    I love how they have to clarify that a bird is a form of animal. All those silly Maplers who considered birds a form of plant have been set straight.

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    Besides your possessions in the lower level is there anything that would have lasting damage? Like walls breaking down, mold, etc. Or did you just get out of there without taking a look?

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    There was no power in the surrounding several blocks so it was impossible to tell. I was wading through it carrying two pet carriers and my laptop.

    It's bound to completely screwed though, since the entire interior was flooded. The carpet's ruined, the drywall is soaked through, the linoleum can't really handle immersion either, the appliances are doubtlessly toasted. My entire server rack is gone, (bye bye SPDB) and my shiny new couch floated by as I opened the door...


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    But i thought Bird where a kind of insect D:

    And best of luck with this Eos, wish i could help.

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    I am truly sorry to hear that this happened to you. I am glad that you were able to get yourself and your pets out of the house safely.

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    Wow, this sure sucks. I'll probably be donating some ammount towards helping you, this forum and the people in it are quite dear to me.

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    Wow, that is awful.

    I bet all of that stationary biking payed off in the great escape though. LIKE YOU'RE ON THE TITANIC!

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    Oooonce more, you OOOOOPENED THE DOOR!

    Awwww crap.

    (You have my deepest sympathies, but I had to, Eos.)


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    Sorry to hear that Eos. Hope everything works out for you =(



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