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  1. Default [1.2.380] Backporting changes

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    All new changes that were put into the KMS patch were also backported to KMST.

    New BGM - Title_8th.mp3

    More stuff coming...

    (PvE) Skill Changes

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  2. Default

    Back ported?

    What does that mean? /slow

  3. Default

    A quick google search is a good cure for ignorance:

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Means this KMST patch was meant to bring the changes made implementing the SoA patch in KMS into KMST. The changes for these skills didn't exist in the test server until now apparently.

  5. Default

    Well, I understood the definition, but what I was confused about was that I thought the changes that were implemented in KMS were the changes that were made in KMST just days before they hit the live servers.

    Also, that new title music is terrible. It almost sounds like it goes with a cinematic. JUMP cinematic, maybe?

    Edit : Maple Miracle Cube? What the? Maple-item only Miracle Cubes? Gross.

  6. Default

    It's for the login screen.

    And no, there were changes put into the KMS patch that were not in KMST at the time.

  7. Default

    But wait maple items can get 30% on the primary line!!!!

    get some NX TODAI

  8. Default

    Oh. That's just terrible...

    They need to just stick to the classic MapleStory theme.

  9. Default

    Wad a terrible BGM Nexon ever made? and whhhaatt? A LOGIN BGM somemore?? NO PLZ!

  10. Default

    The music reminds me a lot of the world tour maps, particularly Shanghai.

    It would be an awesome BGM for a modern city like Shanghai...a world tour based off Seoul or something.

  11. Default

    I like the Chaos login music.

  12. Default

    For once, I didn't particularly like the new BGM.

    Still.. I can't believe Maple has been up for 8 years.. *sniff*

    GMS is soon 6 years old and that means I've been playing for.. 4.5 years, or so!

  13. Default

    um well's different..

    You know, I didn't even think about that until now o:
    that is a long time playing a game ;)


  14. Can of Soup Male
    IGN: LunaMimosa
    Server: El Nido
    Level: 134
    Job: OP Elf Queen
    Guild: Some no-name guild
    Alliance: Read above.


    Ahhhh, the music, its... too... HAPPY, -head explodes-

    I never was the biggest fan of Maple's original lobby music, but even I'd prefer a more 'legendary/fantasy' type of theme over this . No matter, judging by the title it sounds as if this music is temporary anyway.

    -looks up the Chaos theme Dusk mentioned-

  15. Default

    If gms gets that login BGM i will shoot myself. Its way too happy

  16. Default

  17. Helium Atom Male
    IGN: Scette
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 135
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Synergize
    Alliance: Kittens


    The music reminds me of gunbound..*

  18. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: lawl
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 89
    Job: Cannon Shooter
    Guild: HeliosTower


    I don't see whats so bad about the new bgm...

  19. Neon Atom
    IGN: dawnkevsies
    Server: Zenith
    Level: 100
    Job: Buff/UA mule
    Guild: nonelolZENITHSDEAD


    i've been playing longer but the difference between you and i is that your marksman is 16x and my highest level character is an 86 wild hunter. my highest character pre-bb was a 64 dawn warrior in khaini. my highest character pre-cygnus knights was a lv 50 fighter. .-. i feel like such a loser haha

  20. Default

    Consider all the work I've done for Maplestory.

    Now consider I've never gotten a character to 4th job. Ever.

    Dude, it's an anniversary - like a birthday. It should be happy.



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