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  1. Default Throes' Sketchbook of Doom

    Hello there, I'm sure most of you don't know me; I am Throes, an epic failure of an animation major (art school beat the creativity and desire out of me) and I'm hoping to get back into the habit of drawing on a regular basis (though I have since changed my major to nursing; just like a stereotypical filipino would.) My brother recently got a scanner, and I have a lot of free time during my lectures so I figured I would share my drawings with the rest of the (semi-inactive) inhabitants of the Open Canvas section here at Hooray!

    This is the thread where I dump stuff I draw. Enjoy.




    Updates will likely be scarce from here on out, though I love to share my (mediocre) work with you guys. You're the greatest.
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    This post reserved as a goal: I hope that I will continue to draw and post enough that I will need this extra space. <3

    Old stuff goes here now.

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    Those are beautiful Throws :) Do keep drawing and sharing - looking forward to seeing more of your little sketches.

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    The ones in the notebook, fabulous!

    The coloring on the others is good, especially the hair on the second colored one. The only thing I don't really like is that, to me, the forehead is a bit too big.

    Nonetheless, they're all awesome and keep 'em coming.

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    These drawings are really good! Very good coloring work on the hair for both of the colored drawings. I have to say, I thought the ones on the notebook were computer generated; it's kind of hard to believe that someone drew that with pencil.

    Throws' Sketchbook of Doom Fantastic Drawings

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    You do know that Maple avatars don't have boobs, right? Totally flat.

    And that one you deemed to be "slutty": did that get stretched horizontally when you colored it? It looks right on the notebook there, but to me, it looks too wide in the colored version.

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    Don't some of the armors express them though, such as the avenger set?

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    Well, here's a pic of my character off the rankings:

    She does have a huge forehead, lol. It's actually much smaller in my drawings than it is on my character.

    Nobody seems to complain about Mapleboobs when they look at Loose's drawings. And yes, I think some of my lines were off when I brought the second drawing into Photoshop. It's all good though, I'm just looking for practice at this point.

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    Wow. Nevermind then, you did a great job reducing it's size. : P

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    A few overalls for females do. Level 15/35 Warriors and Level 35 Thief (like you said) are the most noticable. There are a few others you could argue do too.

    Great drawings, somewhat prefer the ones in the notebook.

  11. Default


    my hermit

    sad angel =(

    c'est vachement chouette!

    sad angel colored

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    Wow, these are super cute! I love the cow =)

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    I'll be honest with you. In my quest to find the best and most epic music and eye candy (excluding pron, I think it's disgusting, even at age 19), I've seen quite a bit, so my bar is pretty high (and my artistic endeavor can almost never satisfy it >.<). Your first drawing is quite nice, and I liked it. The sad angel sketch also was decent. The rest of it didn't strike much of a chord, either because they're just colored versions or they're... well...

    Good luck xD Each post can have unlimited pictures, and 200k characters. To put that into perspective, my Paladin guide submitted for the event hits over 400k characters upon v1.00!

    If you can succeed in your goal, then that will be a very impressive feat.

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    Yes, I know, I've got a long way to go before I'm up there with the pros... But I hope in a couple years' time I will get there. Every journey has to begin somewhere, and practice makes perfect!
    HAHA wow, I didn't realize every post can have unlimited pictures... looks like I have to start drawing a lot more than I anticipated!

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    Very nice sketches, keep posting more please ^__^

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    Yarly. Music is a lot like that (I play the Piano and used to play the Violin). Practice makes perfect!

    If it's any consolation to you, the image URLs count towards the character count I believe, but the BBCodes don't.

    I would be especially interested in seeing the evolution of an artist too xD

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    The colouring in the second picture of your thief is really nice, especially the hair. Can't wait to see more!

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    Your work is so beautiful and detailed!
    Do you take request?
    I'm wondering how do you learn to draw so well?

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    Umm, I'm not really taking requests right now, these are mostly doodles I do in class (lectures are an hour and a half, and unlike most people in my classes, I've actually read the textbook beforehand.)

    Maybe somewhere down the line I will.

    I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon, but aside from that, I did attend art school for two years. I've been horribly out of practice since I decided to switch my major to nursing, but I don't want to lose my ability completely.

    My fiance's taking me to get a proper sketchbook later today though. I <3 him.

  20. Neutron
    IGN: HealxAlexi
    Server: Scania
    Level: 15x
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: Strategy
    Alliance: Create


    Mk, when you do take request IMA TRY TO BE UR FIRST CUSTOMERS *reserves spot* Anyways I find this more like a masterpiece then a doodle. =P Do u have any *doodles* for when u were little and holding a crayon?



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