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    Timely followup to

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    I don't really get what consequences this has. It's basically that we were using a system that could only have X different numbers and we are now getting close to that number.
    What does changing to IPv6 imply? Changing hardware or just software? Does this affect home users or just companies and ISPs?

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    And so it has begun.

    I'm wondering what is the weakest link in the transition though, since I do see IPv6 protocols on the relatively new computers.

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    The corporate world needs to get off their lazy fat asses and actually do something for once. IPv6 has existed for far too long to not be in place.

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    How would running out of telephone numbers effect the real world? Same issue, impossible to give the exact ramifications because every household & company uses a lot more IP addresses than phone numbers for a much wider array of communication needs. You can't just tack on an extra 4 digits to every phone number and call it solved because every company, every device, every person has to know the new numbering system and where they fall in it and with IP addresses that's 30 years worth of software written to do any number of things.

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    There hasn't been any ROI to moving to IPv6 other than "We'll have to eventually do it in the future" thus giving no reason to do it now. When businesses see the scenario, "Switch to IPv6 or start losing customers", I'd bet my life savings on the fact that they'd haul ass.

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    *Can't handle vocabulary of this thread.*

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    NAPT/PAT/CGN? It should obviously be temporary, but it's working.

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    Still requires planning for, setting up, implementing and as you noted, is only a stop gap not any sort of meaningful solution and can't be applied in all scenarios to everything, especially with the number of layers having to be created to translate intermediary steps back and forth.

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    Since we're talking cyber technology, google is your friend. The interwebs has a shytton of stuff, about 200% more depth and content about things like this compared to "traditional" practices like engineering.



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