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  1. Default [1.2.378] Magicians in Jump

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    New Pet:

    유니콘 에셀 (Unicorn Ezer)
    신비로운 유니콘 에셀입니다. 마음에 맞는 친구들을 만나면 깜짝 놀랄 일이 일어날 것 같습니다. \n#c스킬: 버프 스킬 자동 사용, 메소 줍기, 아이템 줍기 #

    I'd upload more images of him, but given that the sprite is so small he's not very expressive.

    Skill Changes






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    Wait for God's sake. Wait.

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    Wow -3 Spell Booster. No wonder CL looked faster.

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    Huh. Arrow blow havin ga longer range? Thats odd, haven't all archer attacks so far that involve shooting an arrow (s) forward had 400 range?

    I sure hope when this gets to GMS we don't get all the patches streched out like this though...

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    This. Mages got so many power boosts =D

    And Mist Explosion still makes almost no sense to me.

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    What are the changes with the hitboxes for Crusaders and Dawn Warriors? That seems like an odd change...

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    My eyes... Reading the skills description is becoming more annoying or what? must be the korean >.>

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    Oh god this just gets better and better. Shining Ray is super sexy, they didn't change Mist or Thunderbolt though :\.

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    Glad to see they are balancing more between fire and poison for F/Ps

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    No Battle mage changes? thats kinda a relive in a way, even tho we need some type of skill to help us ignore def on bosses so not fair T_T'

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    They became AoE instead of having the default range of the sword. Definitely a buff.

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    Holy crap, a shoulder pad with slots :) It can probably be enhanced/potentialed.

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    Not everything with slots can be potted

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    Cygnus is just lovely when she's not sleeping :>

    Also, WHY THE pineapple THE THINGS ARE LEVEL 45 and 70?
    Come on, we already have level 43 and 77 items, why the hell would we need more maple items of that range.

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    I/L Archmage gameplay:

    I'll admit that Glacial Chain now looks badass and I guess big bang is still lighting but has a blue animation.

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    Yes, but nexon has a habit of only making things that are class specific unpotentiable. With examples being the mechanic prototype stuff and the Evan's dragon armor. I'm not to sure if there is anything else with slots that can't be aside from pet equips.



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