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  1. Default [1.2.376] More Warrior Rebalance. Remixed music.

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    Still working on that new script for parsing skill changes. Doing these skill changes requires quite an involved script to do it all well.

    In an odd bit for this patch, Nexon KR included three "new" pieces of music depending if you consider a remix to be a new song. Regardless, here they are:


    Skill Changes



    New Worldmaps

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    >Henesys Remix?

    What the hell? That's Ellinia.

    Dolphin Night is... Ant Tunnel

    Dolphin Noon is... Florina?

    30 second cooldown on Panic --- DO NOT LIKE. I'd rather have it consume all orbs. >_>

  3. Neutron

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    zzz nothing good for Drk :/ and lot of stuff for heros :'(

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    All of these MP3's are listed under BgmEvent. Considering that one of the BGMs is used in one of the new maps, I'd say it's an event.

  5. Default

    Still no love for Blunt weapons. ):
    But looks good though ;o

    And i heard there will be a cooldown on panic? o.o
    Thats kinda weird...

  6. Default

    Hey guys, does "Gate of Future" sound familiar?

    EDIT: Nevermind. It's the dark Henesys stuff.

  7. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
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    nice, 25% increase to damage, i like, and srsly, blast to 300%? when will the OPaladin-ness end!

    isn't that a pokemon?

  8. Default

    Hope it ends soon. Now even more people will make a UA Paladin. D:

    And yeah isnt it called bellflower or w/e? I never really watched pokemon to be honest. x_x

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    Blast to 300%? THIS IS MADNESS
    I would've preferred Dark Impale to hit less(4 maybe?) but do more damage so Fury might still have SOME use, but eh.
    I'm assuming Heroes won't be orb cycling that often with the cooldown on Panic now?
    @Above: I think the Pokemon in question is Bellosom, but Bellosom has more green IIRC xD

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    Heroes got buffed quite a bit.

    Brave Slash + 6x Coma, Panic on cooldown when you have 10 orbs 6 mobs:

    Monster Magnet + Panic (Manual 8~10 orb) 6 mobs:

    Monster Magnet + 9x Coma + Panic on cooldown when you have 10 orbs 6 mobs:

    Brave Slash + Panic Macro 3 mobs:

    Brave Slash + Panic on cooldown 3 mobs:

    Enrage Brave Slash + Panic on cooldown 1v1:

    Brave Slash + Panic on cooldown 1v1:

    Holy Lightning Advanced Charge Blow 6 mobs:
    Holy Lightning Advanced Charge Blow 3 mobs:
    Holy Lightning Blast:

    Berserk Dark Impale 6 mobs:
    7543%/s -> 7828%/s
    Berserk Dark Impale 3 mobs:
    3829%/s -> 3971%/s
    Berserk Sacrifice:

    When you actually scale the the damage based on their weapon modifier, Dark Knights are about even with Heroes on mobs. 1v1 Heroes destroy everyone.

    As good as Coma may possibly be, Brave Slash does more damage, and is only 30ms slower now. Coma is only useful when you hit more monsters, but you can actually spam it and not run out of combo. It doesn't do particularly good damage though, only about 8000%/s on six monsters.

  11. Default

  12. Default

    I'd still like to see Brave Slash not be filler, and this patch kind of just made that even less so. Coma is virtually spammable. With AFA, we'd have a 48% chance to charge orbs, 12% chance to retain orbs, and 40% chance to lose an orb. I'm hoping that Panic and Coma at least got some range. It's going to suck losing our DPS at bosses like Zakum and Horntain when we can't reach some of the parts without Brave Slash. The least they could do if they're going to make Brave Slash filler is lower the maximum damage, raise the minimum (to beat Brandish at level 1), and give it 6 targets and range. On a side note, just how powerful is Panic? I'd assume it's probably the most powerful ability so far, but with a 30second cooldown, it can't get affected by your own darkness effect. I'm assuming the damage cap might need to be raised, or at least allowing Panic to pass it. I'm a fairly low funded Hero, and even I can hit 200-250k with Panic in it's current state.

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    Well that changes are quite nice, but the cooldown on Panic is a little bit senseless.

  14. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis


    funny, soulds like a DrK, not kidding, obscene damage, minimal range, and WTP with those numbers above o.O 8000% on a single monster? the hell?

    i was thinking of a new one that came out, still haven't played the game enough to know them, and i would actually like if they made Buster useable in some way, but dark impale simple destroys everything except sacrifice. on 1vs1

  15. Default

    Care to explain how Brave Slash is a filler skill?

  16. Default

    Coma does trigger Final Attack unless it was otherwised changed during these warrior revamps. Once you get your orb counter to 10, Coma takes over and it's rare to lose enough orbs to make Brave Slash better again. That is unless Panic and Coma no longer work from the normal formulas and just use regular damage. It's hard to judge anything without any Hero videos from KMST.

  17. Default

    I'd like to think that Nexon is smart enough to not give Heroes a spammable skill that literally gives them 31100%/s on six monsters. If it did, why would you care if Brave Slash were a filler skill? Literally over 9000%/s single target with Enrage Coma Panic not good enough for you?

  18. Default

    That's what I'm saying. I want to see how the hell these so-called finishers work now. And if Brave Slash is filler, why add it to the 4th job? It hardly does anything but replace Brandish. They could always do something else with it: a new buff that summons a large weapon that raises hit range, a new finisher that hits one enemy for massive damage (with a cooldown), anything is more useful than "that skill used between the good ones."

  19. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis


    can i break the power level indicator yet?

    and wth? 9000%/s, when sacrifice is only 1472%/s

    i am confused with these numbers *puts on dunce hat* either this is overly overpowered to the point where i would react just like vegeta, or there is something i am missing here that makes it more... not overkill?

    EDIT: oh, i see, hypothetical situation, still, the 2037%/s on 1vs1 of heroes, makes me wonder about the strength of sacrifice, even while ignoring all pdr

  20. Default

    It's obvious to see that he won't stop complaining until Heroes are able to deal 99999%/0.5 with Brave Slash, even when they're basically on par/above par with every other warrior and completely outclass them at bosses right now!

    It even looks like Paladins are back to being pretty low on warrior damage terms, too!

    I think it makes the most sense that Heroes have the least range because they basically rely on brute weapon force without outside stimuli. (Beholder/Dark Power for Dark Knights and Elements for Paladins)

    ...and it would make power reflection more useful if you can just stand on something and deal 500% of the damage you take on top of your attacks rather than sniping it from a long range while making power reflection useless.

    lots of skills used between good ones.

    and they're pretty strong at doing that at close range.





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