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  1. Default [0.96] Borked Elemental Weapons

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    Yes, it's frustrating.

    Nexon seems to have polarized a few wands. In a nutshell, this means you cannot trust the orb in the item icon to determine which boosts you get. So, time to start over from scratch.

    Wands & Staves Affected:
    Elemental Wand 6
    Elemental Wand 8
    Elemental Staff 2
    Elemental Staff 4
    Elemental Staff 6
    Elemental Staff 7
    Elemental Staff 8


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    pineapple, my ele wand 6 gives 10% fire damage now instead of poison? sonofa.... hope they fix this soon.... *facepalm*

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    That is unbelievably borked. It isn't even a consistent error either, which makes me think it was deliberate. None of the high end elemental weapons for F/Ps increase Poison by 10%, implying F/Ps are OP >_>;. I'm not rescrolling a whole new Estaff 7 for an extra 5% damage, would rather have the full lightning boost that I actually paid for.

    brb sending ticket that'll most likely result in a "working as intended" reply

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    So there will be a glitch that what supposed to be poison staff gives fire staff effect instead?

    g pineappleing g.

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    Thats been like that always i believe.

    Lol, why didnt they make ele wand 7 give 10% Lightning dmg? thats the one my GF owns. Well i hope it gets fixed soon, but knowing Nexon it will take until chaos.

    In any case, fire mages dont seem to be affected, who uses poison as main element anyway?
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  6. Can you hear it?
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    To tell you the truth I don't mind losing 5%

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    Was it really that hard to mess up?

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    So the thread on basil was correct. Thanks for the extraction Fiel.

    Made a thead on the nexon forums and logged a ticket about the glitch.

    Chaos Update: The bonuses have been removed due to balance reasons. =s

    Well hopefully it doesn't take three months for them to fix it this time.


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    How long have we been having issues with these things anyway?

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    Since the beginning of the elemental weapon gachapon update in GMS.

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    Brief history:
    - Elemental weapons released without elemental bonuses.
    - Several months later: Elemental bonuses instated, but without the penalty for Holy. Much complaining for the longest time.
    - Much later: Holy penalty added
    - Big Bang: Elemental bonuses removed again due to balance reasons
    - Now: A much smaller bonus was added back to the elemental weapons, but with some elements flip-flopped.

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    This. The 110% fire bonus has done my Evan well. Oh Feil does Dark and Holy receive penalty? Because pre-bb as I recall dark had no penalty.

  13. Helium Atom
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    I knew it. I was looking at my new damage and I was like, this can't be 10%. I hate waiting for it to get fixed, so I hope this will be in a server check soon.

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    Oh. Well at least they only switched the primary and secondary elements. When you said "polarized", I thought you meant Fire -> Ice, Lightning -> Poison, etc...that would've been way worse.

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    If your only Mage is an Evan, then you're not even losing 5% you're gaining 5% more than you should with an Ele 6. o_o

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    Now the real question, just how long will it take them to actually put it right.


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