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  1. Default [0.96] A whole lotta awesome

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    I haven't actually looked too closely at the patch contents yet. I just got my normal extraction stuff going. Been working this afternoon on rebuilding my PC.

    Elemental weapons changed. They now give a 10% bonus to the main element and a 5% bonus to the secondary element.
    Body Boost bug fixed: It now requires 10 in Dark Aura, 10 in Yellow Aura, and 10 in Blue Aura
    For Wild Hunters, Exploding Arrows is buffed to attack 11 times instead of 10
    For Bishops, max Resurrection now costs 150 MP instead of 50 MP. This is to fix an error when using Resurrection with Combat Orders.





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    Im guessing the evolving rings wont stack but are you able to confirm/deny this?

  3. Certified Pimento Bi Male
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    It seems the greek map is in there, but im betting we won't be able to enter just yet to it.

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    Completely different name for the evolving ring, possible stacking?

    Himes response:

    And then there was:
    Himes response:

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    I am excited. Spring break is coming up as well!

    Edit: I really hoped the ring event this time would be something new... sigh.

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    If the evolving rings stack.. wow.. completely unfair for those who missed out..

    I don't think they would, it's Nexon's common way of "bringing back of events" not adding new events.. same event, again..

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    Heh, VIP axe is gone.

    *clap clap clap*

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    it would be no different than any other event with a good reward.

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    Heh, gloomy mask. Also what's that bizarre looking rabbit mount?

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    Van Leon has 7.92x the HP of a Normal Zakum... Hmmm

  11. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    the jms's bunny mount is better

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    f`ucking told you guys it was a typo. I'm glad they changed it so everyone can stop thinking otherwise.

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    It's a repeat of a past event.. it's like the Valentines Day event.. just repeated, nothing changed.

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    i was referring to you saying it was unfair. If you missed out on the first ring event you missed out on 5 atk +other stats. Missing the Alien event cost you 10 atk, missing the level up ring cost you crit chance, lunchbox event gave out the best weapon for hero/pally by far, at least with the evolving rings they are tradeable.

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    Is Royal Face random? I really want those new Male eyes.

  16. Neutron
    IGN: Ironclad
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    Alliance: Multiple Alliances.


    Good, i sold my level 17 ring already for 270M and a 60% GFA scroll, and bought a cheap level 14 ring with some of the money, now i can just get a 15-16-17 ring with my unused characters and be really awesomesauce.

  17. Flatpanel TV Straight Male
    IGN: Dailom
    Server: Windia
    Level: 188
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    Guild: Caelia
    Alliance: HighOrder


    I'm pretty happy that they're redoing the evolving ring event. My storage ate my old one, so now I have a chance to earn it back, but this time I'll be sure to get like 6 of them!

  18. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
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    Level: 204
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    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia


    Those level 60 glasses (Michael, Michaela)
    Does anyone know how to get them? i'm missing any Eye slot equips, so they would be useful :3

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    Just a question regarding the set; if we have all six items, do we get (in a Battle Mage's case) +450 Def/MDef, +20 All Stat, +100 Avoid/Acc, +10 Speed/Att/M Att, +15 Jump, +4 Int/Luck, +10% Hp/Mp, Ignore Enemies Def and 5% Freeze?

    Also, regarding the ignore enemies defence, is that ignore 30% of it, or ignore it 30% of the time?

    Edit: I thought for some reason the staff was speed 6, not speed 8. A set of 6 isn't worth it unless the ignore 30% and such give more than the loss from equipping a slower staff.


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