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  1. Default Radiant Historia (the best game EVER)

    I've posted an angry dome thread and two blogs about this but I think it's important that I cover all of my bases to make sure EVERYONE hears about this game.

    Because it is the best game ever. Or at least really high up there.

    Radiant Historia feels like a mix of concept from games such as Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Suikoden and Final Fantasy Tactics.

    It's a jRPG, not tactical, but it does have a 'grid'-based battle system that requires you to use some tactics like pushing enemies around for effective mobbing. Most of the battles are pretty easy if you have a grasp on using tactics and constantly upgrade your equipment but there are some challenges such as various optional bosses throughout the game.

    Exploratory game-play consists of running around maps and cities accepting quests, opening chests, finding hidden chests after a certain point in the game, moving crates, exploding or slashing stuff, and of course TRAVELING THROUGH TIME.

    Well, unlike Chrono Trigger you can't just travel through time; you just travel to important parts of Stocke's life (the main character) but there are a lot of them and it's key to so much in the game. There are two main timelines that are show two extremely different outcomes for the world based on one decision made early in the game.

    The story is by and far the best part of this game. The overlaying story about the war and desertification itself is great, but far more impressive and meaningful is the way that every choice--big or little--impacts the story. While everything is set in stone as a linear game, from the perspective of a viewer it's amazing to see how one choice you made or didn't make earlier can effect your progress, and then going back and making the necessary change to see what comes out of it leaves you (or at least me) with this really spectacular feeling.

    The game has dozens of bad endings, 10 good endings and one true ending. All of these can be viewed in a single playthrough, so no worries there.

    Oh it's also got an amazing soundtrack. And I hate video game music.

    It's about 45 hours long for 100% completion and the best ending is one of the most satisfying of all of the games I've ever played.

    I really suggest that if you have $35 and are looking for something to play that you purchase this game immediately. I can't imagine anyone regretting it.

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  2. Default

    It's for the DS? I'll consider it since I've been bored for a new DS RPG to play, but Pokemon B/W takes priority.

    Or if I can manage to get a discount I'll pick both up on Sunday.
    It looks pretty good from the video, I've missed them pure turn based RPG-gers.

    Says the soundtrack was done by Yoko Shimomura (aka kingdom hearts/final fantasy/mario & luigi) so OBV/10 it'd be pretty snazzy sounding.

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    Wow, looks awesome. Are there any other games in this series? I wanna brush up before I make the decision to buy this. Short on cash atm, and B/W is a must buy.

  4. Default

    Nope, not related to any other game technically. It's made by part of the team who made the Shin Megami series and part of the team who made Radiata Stories though.

    @Baklava: Yep, DS.

  5. Default

    I wholeheartedly approve of this thread. Started playing it today and I almost don't want to go to bed CAUSE THAT MEANS LESS TIME FOR ME TO PLAY THIS. I'm a little over 5 hours into it and I can understand why Sarah almost blew up her microwave.

  6. Default

    36 hours in and still only 3/4ths of the way through it or so.
    Cursed need to re-explore over and over and level people consistently.

  7. Default

    That's probably the best part about being done. I'm really sad that it's over. The ending was so satisfying but I want to continue my adventure! I hope they get enough interest to create a sequel.

  8. Default

    It's okay so far for me. I find battles take too long, but is still entertaining. I'm not too far in, but only Rosch appears to have any attack that can hit more than one row or column so far, leaving me to stack monsters to deal damage to multiple ones, which sometimes just plain doesn't work when there's six monsters and some are unmovable. Also, the absurd amount of damage that four enemies who each attack twice does is mind boggling. I'm just hoping I get access to better skills soon.


  9. Default

    You're weak. Go level more.

  10. Default

    I end battles in two turns. The animations just take a long time.

  11. Default

    >>Shin Megami Tensei


  12. Default

    I... I dunno. I have a habit of not finishing RPGs.

    But... I trust your judgment. Might try to get it. :x

  13. Default

    She owes me an equally fun replacement for this for when I finish it so I don't withdrawal.
    Get on it, Sarah.

  14. Default

    Still trying to find one for myself. Went back to Dragon Quest VI to finish the bonus dungeon... feels slow. Okami Den comes out on March 15th and if it's anything like Okami it should be a blast.

  15. Default

    This kinda reminds me of Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume, not sure why. Look really good, so when I has money, ima get it.

  16. Default

    Not surprised to hear about pomegranatety combat mechanics. They plague so many otherwise interesting JRPGs.

  17. Default

    Joe is definitely exaggerating, it's not that bad, even at the beginning. There's two immobile types of enemies and they can be killed in a singe combo by adding in column/row attacks that connect them. You just have to be smart about how you do things. And even then it's not that big a problem. I don't know why Joe is complaining about damage because I never came close to death at any point before the 4th chapter on either story.

    I really think he's under-leveled or under-armed.

    One thing about this game is that there are a lot of equipment/armor choices that will hurt one stat while boosting another. So you'll be forced to choose between speed or defense. Or attack or magic. This can happen on any character and with the exception of one character who has only good magic skills, the rest are pretty balanced between melee and magic. Oh wait, two characters. One magic and one purely physical.

  18. Default

    Rosch and who?
    Aht can be purely physical.

  19. Default


    Aht can be but that doesn't mean she is by virtue. I used her as a healer/poison bomber. And also as a combo buffer because if you change to her 3 times and use her first 7 hit skill then you get mega damage from the rest of your characters.

  20. Default

    I guess I was underleveled then. The enemies that I was fighting had six in a group. The turn order made it so my party couldn't make any combos without giving them a significant lead in turns, which would kill me before my turns came around to even do the combos. The alternative is to attack right away and then they would kill me anyways.



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