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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Scrolling Glitch...


    I assure you it's the same leaf... just look at the timer.

  2. Default

    It goes from 2 slots to 2 slots to 0. Weird display glitch at 1 slot, it really had 1 slot but it decided to list it as 2.

  3. Default

    Oh..i got it :X
    I'll test it on my next leaf :O

  4. Default

    But hey,dont you think its because you SS'd right when you used the scroll?
    Do you have any SS after you scrolled it to (+5) 2 slots[Should be +6 1 slot]?

  5. Default

    Well you can see the scrolling animation.

  6. Default

    Yes,i know...
    But the stats on item maybe dont updated because there's a delay?
    Like 500 ms or something?To save and update stats?D:

  7. Harrisonized


    It showed +5 2slots right before I scrolled that last one.
    I'm sorry I don't have a screenshot, although I should have, but I honestly didn't expect that.
    Actually, I didn't even realize this until my slots jumped from 2-0...

    Basically, today, I used a syrup in Ludi (second to last screenshot), and then I thought, that's weird, I thought I used 6 scrolls already, why's it show +5. Hmm, I must be hallucinating.

    Then when I used the last one, I went back and checked previous screenshots before realizing.

  8. Default

    I think I get what Tamekii means(awesome avvy, btw :P). If he moved the cursor to show the previous stats instead of what he thought was the updated ones and then screenied it...yea.

    For example, put on a different weapon. Now put back the other one, and in windowed mode, have it on the far left of your inventory on the far left of the screen. If you move your cursor out, you can "glitch" it to see the weapon you just equipped but the inventory has the one you took off. :X

  9. Default

    Finally,someone that understands my poor english :D!
    Well,he said it was 5/2 before he used last scroll,so,i have no idea...
    I'll start scrolling some leaves tomorrow to see...


  10. Harrisonized


    I know. I scrolled hundreds of times already.
    And I'm positive that it jumped from 2-0.
    It was +5 2slots RIGHT before i used the last scroll. It's a shame I didn't ss it before I used it.

    I also remember this happened to someone else, who posted about it, although I can't find it...

  11. Default

    That's strange... I guess you didn't try showing it to someone else to see if they saw the 2 slots too?

  12. Default

    I don't know how you would considering leaves are untradable...

  13. Default

    Oh sorry, I haven't played maple for a while.

  14. DUCKS
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    You haven't moved the mouse around in that picture. Thus, the old scroll-values are shown.

  15. Harrisonized


    Dude. I know how scrolls work. And I swear I saw +5 2 slots in Nath where I took my last screenshot. Nvrm. You guys obviously don't believe me. I'll screenshot it again if this ever happens to me again.

  16. Default

    If I remember correctly, after you drop the scroll on an item, the item's old stats disappear, and you have to move your mouse to see the new ones, right?

  17. Default

    Yes. However, if you're quick enough, you can make the old stats reappear within like .1 seconds of moving the mouse. :s

  18. Harrisonized


    That is correct.
    However, right before moving my mouse before I took my last screenshot, I swear I saw +5 2 slots.



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