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  1. Default XP Comparisons Pre/Post MSBB

    Comparison of 2010-11-11 to 2010-11-18 and 2010-12-11 to 2010-12-18
    Levels are floored, so 100 covers 100 to 109. 180 covers 180 to 189, etc.


    Classes overall, ignoring world.

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  2. Default

    It seems Pre BB was faster even at the lower levels, after looking at Scania and Bera anyways. Hmm.

  3. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Skyshooter1
    Server: Alexina
    Level: 981
    Job: Green boy
    Guild: Blasphamy


    4 hours of grinding at Regret 5 and I only gain 6%

  4. Default

    I guess we can say that Big Bang was..

    *puts on sunglasses*

    .. a Big Fail.

  5. Default

    Could you do this again a couple weeks after those Gallopera abominations have been dealt with for more accurate results?

  6. Default

    That was the plan, yes, but people have consistently been asking and waiting another four weeks would've just pissed people off.

  7. Default

    Lol at upper level magician at just 3% of pre BB gain.
    This is however partly because some like myself knew that training would be much worse after BB and were getting as many levels as possible beforehand.

  8. Default

    I don't understand the table 0.0 Explain plox?

  9. Default

    From what I can tell, the charts are comparing the leveling rates between Pre-BB (Nov 11-18) and Post-BB (Dec 11-18). The first two columns should be clear, and the next two show how much exp was gained on average (?) during the two periods. The XPRatio shows the ratio between the exp earned Post-BB and Pre-BB (the higher the % is, the better the training is Post-BB). The last two show the average (?) number of levels gained during the two periods.

    Pretty interesting info, and somewhat depressing.

  10. Deluxe Refrigerator Male
    IGN: GlaciaIWolf
    Server: Broa
    Level: 146
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Forte
    Alliance: HighestLevel


    It'd be interesting to check again after Van Leon comes out to see how much a difference that makes for the higher levels.

  11. Default

    It looks 13x is dead same leveling speed. After that it starts to negate.

  12. Lazy Mathematician Female
    IGN: MsJudith
    Server: Windia
    Level: 130
    Job: aran
    Guild: n/a
    Alliance: n/a


    Pre Big bang though we have the issue with people being leeched at places like skelegons and things of the sort. Also, people trained with bishops gene spamming at skelegons.

    This table does not imply that solo training pre big bang > solo training after. Nor does it necessarily say the same thing about party training. It only gives details about overall training.

    Things to take into account from pre BB (that were major sources of exp gains):
    1) Leeching
    2) royal guard type S? For bowmen.
    3) training in parties with ult spammers
    4+) maybe there are more things im missing, who knows~

  13. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Skyshooter1
    Server: Alexina
    Level: 981
    Job: Green boy
    Guild: Blasphamy


    Anega, bigfoot, zakum arms, Imperial guard's for arans, paladins, and f/p mages.

    All nerfed exp-wise/

    The only real drawback for me is that the level up req's is 10 levels less pre bb. So I'm basicly gaining exp for a level 150's point of veiw on 1x before the big bang.

    Which is still alot mind that, and even on 2x, the exp rates were still a bit slow since Royal guards were usualy farmed on the hour, and OB4 was still generaly slow to the point where it would take 9 hours to level based on my exp required..

  14. Default

    I think a lot of higher level players are still working their way back up to fast training. It's not possible to immediately identify the best training areas for level 130+ anymore (since they're not uniformly Skeles + OB4) so it'll take a bit of time for things to settle out.

    Plus a lot of people stopped grinding temporarily because they think it's slower...

  15. Default

    There's also the lack of 2x/4x to account for it as well.

  16. Default

    Why does it require accounting for? That's a permanent attribute of the new reality therefore it doesn't need to be factored out or considered specially in any way.
    It's a contributing factor to the new curve, not an anomaly that will smooth itself out over time.

  17. Default

    I think I phrased that poorly. I mean that's also partially why high-level training is slower post-BB compared to before-BB. People either train on 1x or not at all because they're discouraged, which can explain some of the numbers.

  18. Default

    Taken from Nexon's developer GM blog:
    "The difficult leveling curve was something that concerned us greatly while we prepared MapleStory for release in North America. In general, western game players do not like grinding... Once Big Bang is live, you’ll notice that gaining a level will take half the time it used to or less. Players above level 75 specifically will feel the difference in a big way."
    (" x=1")

    This quote+the results in the table shown in the original post just goes to show how LITTLE the developers understand their own game. They've managed to create the REVERSE of the intended impact. Big Bang was a huge ass fail intended to lure in low-leveled/new players by making them feel powerful and quick-leveling, while at the same time pissing off all the original players by getting rid of everything that mattered.
    The ones UNDER level 75 are getting it good, not the ones OVER level 75.

  19. Default

    Hey hey hey! Get ready to update, 160+ about to get one level post BB! Chyeah!

    Perhaps in the next edition we may see an uptick given the availability of those Snow Crystal buffs? But otherwise I'd expect this trend to continue until apparently LHC. Would someone direct me to the thread where LHC is explained; is 250% Party EXP that great?

  20. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Skyshooter1
    Server: Alexina
    Level: 981
    Job: Green boy
    Guild: Blasphamy


    In a party of 6, your dpm can be greater than 40mil depending on the people in it. Since castle golems have 12mil'ish hp, they'd go down in about 20 seconds giving 250% exp + base exp - 20% - %exp of %damage + bonus exp caused by other players.

    Overall you'd be looking at still quite a bit of exp per kill if you do decent damage in the group.



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