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Thread: [GMS] [0.02T-->0.93] Big Bang

  1. Default [0.02T-->0.93] Big Bang

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    I predict one of three things happening:

    1. You disconnect at Zakum and Horntail
    2. The HP bar at the top of the screen doesn't show.
    3. Well, nothing different from the normal happens at HT/Zak

    For some reason, they imported KMST data over these two mobs causing the defaultHP and defaultMP data to be in Korean. So yeah, I'm not sure how that's going to work.

    Since there are relatively few changes, I'll do the rest by hand:

    - Remember in Tespia when you made your chars and you had access to rad stylin' in the character creation screen? Yeah, that's all gone.
    - There were no delay changes that you guys need to be concerned with. It's just one for a sit animation.
    - New MapleTV animation showing the Black Mage and Big Bang
    - Much of the UI that was in Korean was changed to English
    - For Evan, the max level of Magic Guard was reduced from 15 to 5.
    - For Evan, the max level of Critical Magic was reduced from 15 to 5.
    - It's plainly obvious to me that they gutted the quest data and redid a lot of it from scratch. The localization should be much, much better.

    Mob Changes
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    Sup, NX Mastery Books.

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    - New MapleTV animation showing the Black Mage and Big Bang

    I was hoping for "- Removal of MapleTV" D:

  4. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Like, ALL the quest data? @_@

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    I'd say at least half of the quest data would be a fair guess without going overboard.

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    Why do you predict the HT and Zak options?

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    I already gave my reasoning. Or did you fail to read?

  8. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


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    I wonder if they fixed Poison DoTs. Thankfully, I'm not an F/P.

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    I read it I just don't understand.

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    When you attack them, it'll try to find the HP bar of Zakum/Horntail, it's in Korean. The computer will go crazy and crash.

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    Oh Ok thanks.

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    Ugh, just when I was getting my hopes up that they'd drop this premium skillbook requirement BS...

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    The patch doesn't start for another 2 hours. I'm guessing they'll change/fix the Zakum/Horntail thing in that time (probably why they said not to manually patch until the game's down, because it's not done yet and some people will have a fit when they start the game with files that aren't patched to the final version). That's what I think anyway.

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    The following mobs were massively changed from their original intent:

    Imperial Guard Type A
    Dunas Type D
    Royal Guard Type S
    Afterlord Type A

    I will be posting their changes shortly.

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    I remember seeing in an extraction of Tespia that the Chaos Horntail Pendant's slots was reduced by one. Is there any truth to that?

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    Fiel, would you mind checking if any of the VIP items are changed? Is time traveller's medal being changed? Also, would you mind posting the new Quest data if possible, thanks.

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    Unchanged; No; No can do. Since the recent patches it's completely screwed with my ability to do quest extractions. They will be coming in the future, but most certainly not for this patch.

    I see nothing to support that claim.

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    Aren't we all glad we have an exclusive Neo City expansion now?

  20. Mercury
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    Dangerous city mobs im assuming. So that unique area added to our version of Neo City has been stripped of its entire purpose?


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