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  1. Default Original League of Legends (LoL) Thread

    I know there was a thread about this before but it kinda drifted off into nothingness.

    Basically, post your summoner name, level, and champs you like to play so the SP LoL players can team together instead of getting stuck with the luck-of-the-draw solo queue.
    Smurf names and levels are in brackets.

    Name: MoldyOnions, (IAmABirdy, OHHOHOHOHO)
    Level: 30 (12, 9)
    Plays as: Jungle Evelynn, Katarina, Sivir, Lux
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  2. Default

    Lulz eve... >.<

    Alot of us got buddied up from the last thread I had made.

    Add Bobchican
    Katiji? God I have to look how this is spelled.
    And ray (our mod) has an account that is spelled identical to the SP user name..
    You can add me I'm.. pomegranate I forget it's either duelman or duelpower I believe it's the latter.

    I play every class of characters depending on my team's picks. That seems to be the best way to go about that part of it.

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    Name: Kajitii, LoserAppleSauce (smurf)
    Level: 30
    Main: Anivia
    Others: Singed, Cho'Gath, Nasus, Janna, Soraka, Tristana, Kog'Maw, Warwick, Nidalee, Ashe, ??? (I don't like playing tanks in general, fair warning)
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    I play but it's pointless stating my info here as i'm the only one on the EU servers ;_;


    Maltheo(Summoner name)
    Level 30
    Main:Got none 0,0
    Champs i can play well: Rammus (Jungle), Amumu (Jungle), Malphite (Jungle), Kog'Maw, Veigar, AP TF and sometimes i enjoy playing AP-yi for luls

  5. Default

    Hey, Jungle Eve is pretty good as long as my team doesn't push every lane right to their tower when it comes gank time.

  6. Default

    I think the thing is, eve is a horrible champion as it is right now, she needs her remake to give anything to a teamfight.
    I hate playing with and against eve..
    Only thing she can do is earlygame ganks and picking off low hp squishies that walk alone later in the game :/
    And any good team will just oracle their tank and that'll completely remove the only good aspect she got, surprise stealth stun.

  7. Default

    *sees patch for AoE nerfs*

    *sees nothing addressing Anivia AoE. or Kennen, Garen, Mordekaiser, Malphite, etc.*

    *is disappointed*

    On a different note about Eve, I agree that Oracle's still shuts her down too hard in a game of decent difficulty, and just about the only ways to overcome this is to pwn really hard early game, or have some elaborate positioning involving grass. And both aren't very likely to happen.

  8. Default

    Sometimes you wonder if they think when they nerf...
    Anyway anybody able to see how much trundle is? I feel like buying him.

    Edit: If they keep nerfing AD and ranged DPS this'll turn into League of tanks.

  9. Default

    I'm mostly okay with it, I can live. Well, except when there's a Pantheon on the other team, fking circle is glitched so I can't ever see it >_> A direct hit from that is 1000 damage before resistances o.O

  10. Default

    Oh, that's a glitch, i thought it was my graphics pineappleing up.
    I am always taken by surprise when playing against him, not seeing his ulti can really mess you up in a teamfight.

  11. Default

    Even if the tank has oracles, there's a lot of ways Eve can help in a teamfight - Oracles range is pretty limited and with her ultimate/mobility boots/ghost you can still speed up to a squishy faster than most people can react, burst it down and run off. If you can't run off then the enemy team is going to focus fire you, hopefully giving your own team a chance to engage.

    IMO Eve is still pretty bad, but she's a lot more useful than people think. A decent passive (not the pomegranate she has now) would do her a lot of good. And if her Q prioritized low health champions. I rage every time I'm chasing down a 50 hp guy and Hate Spike decides it wants to target the tank or some random minions.

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    Honestly, everytime i play vs an eve atleast, she's not so fast that you can't react, we honestly see her as just being 'there' she never really makes a problem and mostly just runs around trying to attack squishies but just ends up killing herself before they react, and if you don't spread yourself too far oracle is fine range wise.

    Eve is prolly one of the champs i'd want on my team the least, same with nunu and the likes, just not that helpful in teamfights, and the game is decided by teamfights :/

    Not saying she isn't fun, because she is, just saying that for winning the match there are far better choices.

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    You need to see me play nunu before you go dogging on him. He is a beautiful piece of work nunu is: cc magnet, aoe ulti with highest AP ratio in the game, self healing, perma slow that hits like a truck later in the game, and he can
    buff the team's AD carry for MS and AS.

    I saw the halving of janna shield and cried inside... that was a horrible nerf to the best support champ in the game, and for an obscene reasoning: They wanted to lessen the effectiveness of ranged carries....

    So instead of nerfing the ranged carries more they nerfed janna's shield in half? That is extremely lame, not to mention they freaking nerf the AOE heal ulti, and to a lesser extent nerfed her slow portion of it too.

    Way to go f'ucking idiot-tards at Riot. Awesome job nerfing THE MOST BALANCED CHAMP IN THE GAME.

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    Nah, I always thought she was kinda OP. She's a fking CC machine ffs, and she gets away pretty easily, having an MS passive and an MS passive skill >_>

    Riot made Kayle's R a reaction-rewarded skill. I was kinda wondering if they would take the same light on most other shields that can be cast on other things.

  15. Default

    They nerfed Janna's shield because it made ranged carries too easy to protect and dish out a ton of damage.

  16. Default

    Name : Rayquaza2233
    Level : 25
    Main : Ashe
    Going to get around to learning Taric eventually once I find a good build for him.

    <3 the nerf to Black Shield and Soul Shackles. However, I dislike Trundle's ability to steal AD, but that's probably because I exclusively play Ashe...

  17. Default

    Trundle steals everything from everyone (not at ONCE rofl). Basically a general counter champion imo.

  18. Default

    Casters are completely immune to his pickpocketry. He's a good anti-DPS and anti-tank, and he's got some great zone control with his slow. What'm I supposed to do =|

  19. Default

    Oh oops, I thought he stole AP as well. MR =/= AP

    Trundle probably still gets some HP from casters though.

    btw if it wasn't apparent already, I never met one yet. Gonna head home for today and play some LoL on my good compy xD

  20. Default

    Played one game since the patch, played against my first Irelia and Trundle, and played with my first Trundle.



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