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  1. Default East Asian double eyelid surgery

    I'm not Asian, so I am completely ignorant about the cultural forces regarding this surgery.

    If you're asian, have you ever had this surgery? How do asians in general feel about it?

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    My sister did a little research on this, you dont have to have surgery.... they actually sell little...sticky plastic pieces that you put on your eyelid that give you the "Double Eyelid" look.

    You can also use "eyelid glue" or "eyelid tape"

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    I already have double lid eyes, but my mom always complains that I never really show it off.

    According to her, apparently it looks more attractive in Chinese culture *shrugs*.

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    lol, I'm not talking about giving yourself double eyelids, I'm talking about the surgery to take it away.

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    lol makes eyes look bigger.

    Whenshe poked her eyes with the stick, it looked dangerous :c

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    Links bro?

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    I already have that (natural double eyelids). Guess it's something rare for asiatics but common elsewhere (or I'm just lucky and didn't know).

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    Thanks for making feel less special :(

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    It's about your eyelids folding onto themselves when you open your eyes. See the video posted above for a visual comparison.

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    I..guess I have double eyelids? I had never ehard of that before though.

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    Me neither. It was just now that I noticed that there was a difference (and that most asians I know have "single" eyelids).

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    Corns a chick?

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    Hm, certain people look nice with double and some others with single. Now this is just conjecture, but generally Orientals like double eyelids as it makes the eye area appear to be more full and with substance. That video was pretty interesting, but it's also scary how far people are willing to go for something that isn't really a big deal. The other (and not practical) way to get double eyelids is to let time take its course.

    From what I notice about the people around me, it seems a lot of Koreans don't have double eyelids while other Orientals have higher percentage of people having double eyelids. Personally, I have double eyelids o_o.

    Some people can have one eye single and the other double and that could be a result of nerves or just your skin somehow getting accustomed to having a single eyelid (causes can vary).

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    What if I'm a white guy that wants an oriental look? Can I get SINGLE EYELID surgery?!



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