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Thread: Glow Tag

  1. Default Glow Tag

    Just for my sadistic amusement, behold the glow tag.

    Now you too can make the world a glowing place

    This allows an interim solution for people wanting to see how various effects will appear when combined in the donor shop, just create a test message and try it out.

    Also, this will annoy the crap out of many users. bonus points!

    But because I am a benevolent sadistic dictator I've also made the "Remove User Font Modifications" option now suppress bg, highlight and glow as well within posts, giving you unprecedented degrees of boringness potential for your viewing pleasure.

  2. Default

    Sweet. Thanks, Eos. :D


  3. Default

    R> User font modifications exclusion

    Should just be a simple regex change.

  4. Default

    psst. Read last sentence?

  5. Default

    The glowing was a distraction from reading the rest of your well thought out implementation of this wonderful feature.

  6. Default

    I live to give.

  7. Default

    I bet people will start blocking everyone who uses glow at all, just like people have already started doing with the new username modifications.

  8. Default

    suddenly i know why greg hated my green text

    this pomegranate gets annoying

    hey eos, can you allow me to just disable the glow tag

  9. Default

    I already have every member on SP blocked including myself, so it's not like it'd be a big difference.

  10. Default

    ooo I really like how your name effect came out.

    This one that is.

  11. Default


  12. Default

    I'm probably not going to use any text modifications in normal threads, but I do love playing around with this and seeing what I can make with it. It would also be good with guides and stuff.

  13. Default

    Thanks, it's how I originally wanted it but I went a bit dyslexic and put pink as name color and deep pink as glow. Thanks for giving the points for me to fix it up to the way I want.
    /* Also, my dyslexia doesn't stop there. I also picked gray outline for my usertitle when I really just wanted gray thread titles, so now I'm stuck with a glowing usertitle when I never wanted one. */

    Oh, you liked my old one?
    Hmm. Still kinda split on what I like better. Well, with the new refund rates I'll have more freedom to mess around. I'm still testing how this one looks.


  14. Default

    Dang Zelkova looks awesome in green...

  15. Default

    lol =3

    this be the testing post.


  16. Default

    Yeah, after switching back, I do like this one better. My mistake gave me a better scheme than I planned.

  17. Default

    I wish the Amazon thingy let me track orders so I could credit based on them.
    You'll just have to hold out for Events and be a Winner.

  18. Default

    The title effect is quite nice too now.

  19. Default

    but my mom says i'm already a winner




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