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  1. Default [Module] The Restructuring

    Maplestory is going through another big patch. Consider it the revamp of the revamp. However, this patch largely affects scrolls, consumables, and skills which were missed in the last patch.

    Considering the way mob attack and player defense worked, certain scrolls that only give 2 defense were completely worthless in the grand scheme of things, so scrolls that give defense were greatly buffed. Also, some scrolls now give upward of 50 - 100 accuracy, and some scrolls even give +350 HP!

    New Equip Type:
    In other news, a brand new type of equip was added to the equipment window. This one is called "Pocket" (charmPocket in the data). Although I don't see any actual items related to it in the data, I do wonder what its use will be.

    Bag Types?:
    There was something else interesting added to ETC items. There is a new variable called "bagType" which is always equal to 2. I am unsure of what this means, but if I had to wager I'd hope it would fix some of the problems with having enough storage for all of the quests that are available to you.

    Skills with Flags:
    One of the changes with the skills that I'm most excited about is the addition of flags with each skill. It gives a more clear and concise explanation of what the attack or skill does, and I assume that this data will also be reflected in the skill description. For example, in the Crusader's ability "Attack Chance" which increases damage to stunned, frozen, or blinded mobs, there are now three corresponding flags in the data - incDamToStunTarget, incDamToDarknessTarget, incDamToFreezeTarget. This will help not only users of these skills to know more about the mechanics of each skill, but it will also help data extractors be able to relay that information in offline extractions.

    There will be no traditional extraction this time around. There's really no new data added. A lot of existing data was changed.

    Method of Attack:
    1. Scrolls
    2. Adventurer Skills
    3. Cygnus Skills
    4. Aran/Evan Skills
    5. Resistance Skills
    6. Skill flags

    Patch Notes (KOR)
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  2. Default

    Wondering what Pocket is ???
    And can you explain (if you know??) what flags is??

    Also your Method of attack line confuses me..
    You mean we can actually ATTACK with scrolls and...skill flags, whatever that is?
    It works like macro, or something like that?

    Use of pocket is maybe to without NX EXPAND your etc equips and use invertory??


  3. Default

    Method of Attack means how I'm going to be attacking this patch - extracting it. This is so that people don't ask if I'm going to be covering a certain topic and that they'll know when it's coming.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Are there changes to Maker jewels consistent with the changes in scrolls and potions?
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  5. Default

    I thought that too. If so, though, I'd assume it will be really expensive (or a gachapon only item), or will be a part of a quest that's fairly easy to complete and therefore everyone will have one.

  6. Neon Atom Straight Male

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    If bags are what I think it is (store like 20 items in one bag) then I'm really, REALLY happy.

    Also. how can they revamp scrolls? Alter success rate or just alter what they give? And I see one big problem coming here, which is the current scrolled equips... Will they just be changed from +2 acc to +400 acc or what? If they won't, it will be really unfair (assuming that +1 acc gets changed to +200 acc here ^^).

  7. Default

    I see "Pocket" similar to the "Shoulder" item equipment slot.

    It says "charmPocket in the data"....sooooo you equip a "charm" in your Pocket? lol

    It might increase elemental damage or something like those capsules Corsairs use.

  8. Default

    Is that a charm in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    Seriously though, I bet it will have something to do with inventory space.

  9. Default

    I got something in my front pocket for you (:

  10. Default

    I think that will be the function of Bag types Fiel mentioned. I think it will probably be something like a secondary "bag" just for quest drops in your Etc tab.

  11. Default

    - Triple-throw of the damage calculation was changed. (Night Rod, Night Walker)

    Well, from Insoya, it looks like TT got buffed from 250% to 280%, but who knows.

  12. Default

    lol, nice

  13. Default

    Holy crap, the new thorns is excellent for me, +30 attack and 90% stance is huge. No more party Thorns, in exchange for a passive critical (Sharpness) which is +25% critical chance and +25% min. critical damage. I feel that this is just as good as the original thorns. Now if only Thorns is still a party buff... (and stacks)

  14. Default

    Okay guys, I need to know which you prefer. Would you prefer something a little more technical like this:


    (Of course I'll clean up the Mechanic section shortly)

    Or would you rather have everything in Korean? The choice is yours.

  15. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    Technical for sure. Just have it like you have it now, it's good enough <3

  16. Default

    Technical of course :)

  17. Default

    I'd rather have it as you already have it - technical.

    Also, according to, Dragon Wisdom doesn't have crit anymore, but converts 10&#37; instead of 5% of damage to HP - I might be wrong though.

    Thanks Fiel.

  18. Default

    Evan's new speeds are delay reductions. I'll post them and then see if I can pester JoeTang enough to parse through it for me.



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