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  1. Default [Module] Big Bang | Resistance skills

    Battlemage (I)

    Battlemage (II)

    Battlemage (III)

    Battlemage (IV)

    Wild Hunter (I)

    Wild Hunter (II)

    Wild Hunter (III)

    Wild Hunter (IV)

    Mechanic (I)

    Mechanic (II)

    Mechanic (III)

    Mechanic (IV)
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  2. Default

    Some of these skill names are just ... lol

    The Finisher
    Party Shield

    It's Raining Mines
    Dash 'n Slash

    Mechanic Rage
    Rock 'n Shock
    Mech : Siege Mode (I swear this feels like a Starcraft ripoff)
    Bots 'n Tots

  3. Default

    How does Raining Mines even make sense...

  4. Default

    What the hell does "Jaguar-Oshi" mean? "Jaguar-Oh shit?"

  5. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    All of the Battle Mage skill names are quite respectable. Wild Hunter skills not so much... "Jaguar Rawr"? Really?

  6. Default


    Jaguar Rawr < lol'd

  7. Default

    Jaguar-oshi is probably referring to Yoshi.

  8. Default

    Oh please don't let these be the final names.

  9. Idiot. Male
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    The Finisher - (keeping the names short and simple) Finisher
    Summon Reaper Buff - (unprofessional like) Reaper Summon

    Jag Jump - (sounds really unprofessional) Jaguar Jump
    Jaguar Rawr - (just, lulwut?) Jaguar Roar
    It's Raining Mines - (seriously?) Mine Rain/Raining Mines
    Jaguar-oshi - (Umm, not a great name to me) Swallow/Jaguar Swallow
    Roll of the Dice - (Meh..) Dice Roll/Rolling Dice

  10. Default

    Nintendo used Copyright Infringement!
    It's Super Effective!

  11. Default

    Or, you know, they could just stick with the Korean names.

    Double Jump
    Jaguar's Roar
    Mine (this one I could see changing)
    Lucky Dice

  12. Default

    When you swallow the enemy, what buff does it give you?

  13. Lazy Mathematician Female
    IGN: MsJudith
    Server: Windia
    Level: 130
    Job: aran
    Guild: n/a
    Alliance: n/a


    Why's satelite listed two times.. Three times.... for mech's 3rd job?


    "Activates <Missile Tank> mode during which your meach continuously consumes MP to gain an increased Critical Hit Rate."

    ^that's 4th job missile tank

  14. Default

    Because you can summon three of them and they all act as individual skills.

  15. Lazy Mathematician Female
    IGN: MsJudith
    Server: Windia
    Level: 130
    Job: aran
    Guild: n/a
    Alliance: n/a


    Ah, for a second there I thought it was either a typo, or that 3rd job needed 175ish points for everything to be maxed... lols. Still, 135 points to max everything means something's gonna be left out... not sure what I want to not max...

    Maybe the metal fist mastery? Damage +50&#37; isn't that much.... unless it's damage x1.5 0.o

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
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    Alliance: NARs


    >Reading through the Wild Hunter and Mechanic skill names

    Trololo so bad that it's good. Hope Jaguar Rawr stays.



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