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  1. Default [1.2.351] NXKR revs up for G-STAR 2010

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    G-STAR is an annual gaming convention taking place in Korea. This year it's in Busan. You can read about what G-STAR is here ( The convention occurs from November 18th to the 21st.

    It looks like they'll be showing Lionheart Castle in their booth. Looking at the data, I don't think they're pulling any fast ones for 2010.

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    They put in Lionheart Castle stuff for GStar.

  3. Default

    Fast ones?

  4. Default

    Tricks? Stealthily putting in content?

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    It is already in the game. They put in a new, smaller version of it that they can show off at the expo.

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    I guess whatever they have for Winter is nowhere near ready yet if it looks like they're not showcasing anything major for G-STAR this year. I guess we might have to wait another week or two (or even after G-STAR) before we have any idea what they're doing.

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    So.... theres no hidden teaser or nothing in video format that includes the comming of a new job?

    Not even in morse code? =[

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    Not surprised. NKR is clearly too busy with helping every other version transition to post-BB.

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    Weird... I could have sword G-Star was an international Dutch trademark since 1989... I call copyright infringement, sue Nexon plox! :)

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    I don't think you can patent a convention...

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    Haha, I thought the same thing! I'm like Nexon and G-Star RAW? o_o

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    You sir fail. G-Star is not JUST for NEXON. It's the same thing as the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, cept this is just in Korea. I'm sure G-Star manes Game-Star or Gamer-Star.
    Well they never did, did thay? We already knew about Evan last year when it was shown at G-Star.

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    G-Star means...Booth babes


    Maybe they will have something new there too... I mean, if they added it to data, it wouldn't be surprize.


    G-Star is in Korea, what E3 Expo is in US.

  14. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
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    Nexon Korea=/=Nexon NA



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