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  1. Default New Way you too can Support Southperry!

    Not everyone can afford to waste money on donations, but nearly everyone shops online at some point.

    Now you can show your appreciation & support for Southperry, at no extra cost to you, simply by including a referral/associate ID tag for Southperry in your purchases. You get the same shiny price you've come to know and love from Amazon, Amazon gets their money & attention and Southperry gets a tiny slice of what you were going to be giving to Amazon anyway.

    This form of support is completely anonymous, available to members and lurkers alike, and relatively painless so for those of you who've lamented not being able to give back and show your support before, here's a quick and simple way. You can even ask family and friends to use the link to do their shopping - It's a completely transparent tracker that won't change anything about how they use or experience the Amazon site, just means SP will get a bit of a kickback at the end.

    To participate you can use the support link at the top of the page to do your shopping (in a separate window), bookmark the appropriate click through link for your version of Amazon from the list below or replace your browser's Amazon search with our tagged version.

    Browser Search Links

    Click Thru Links:

    Important Note
    You must use one of the tagged links as the means by which you put the items in your cart, you can not put stuff in the cart then come to Southperry to do the check-out; the whole process has to have started here to get credited.

    Additionally various terms throughout the forum may become Amazon hyperlinks to provide contextually relevant sales opportunities. Note that when following a Southperry link to amazon anything you purchase will credit us, you don't have to purchase a specific item or the item that you originally enter the site by.

    Thanks for your support!
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    Now to convince my dad to use this...

  3. Default

    heh. I just reconfigured all the bookmarks and search links in various people's homes with their permission.

  4. Default

    Wow... I just ordered something from Amazon >.<

    By the way, is even eligible for this? I only see up there.

  5. Default

    Gets messy quick trying to support every region since they all have different IDs and addresses. I may go so far as to support the .ca and as well but that's probably it.

  6. Default

    I just bought stuff yesterday too, used a giftcard though so i dunno if it would have worked. I'll keep this in mind if i get anything else from amazon.

  7. Default

    Supposedly method of payment doesn't matter, so even gift card purchases will count.

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    Ok I've added support for and .ca as well and added the link to our quick-buttons.
    Where it sends you will depend on your country being indicated in the user profile, with usa & default being, uk being and canada being
    And made a pair of tags;
    [amazon]XBOX 360[/amazon]
    [amazon="B003VUO6H4"]Playstation 3[/amazon]
    The crappy thing about the latter format is the ASIN is region specific, so links created for .com will not work for or .ca, they'll return product not found messages in most cases, but allow for the searching of the intended item from there while still giving credit for any purchases.

    Those of you sensing some potential content-aware links in our near future get a cookie. The digital kind. From google. They're tracking your every move.

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    George Orwell 1984 or anywhere u live in the usa today.... BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING

  10. Default

    And broadcasting to youtube.

  11. Default

    Do users get donator status from this?

  12. Default

    Let's use that deductive reasoning you expect the rest of the world to bless you with in answering your every whimsical question.
    So. Using those two bits of information, how exactly would that work?


  13. Default

    I thought you meant that users can choose to be anonymous.

  14. Default

    Let me show you my Amazons. My Amazons let me show you them.

    I suppose it wouldn't hurt to do an extra couple clicks for SP.

  15. Default

    The links turn to "" followed by a bunch of numbers. I don't think this is how it's supposed to work...

    Great, now I have to disable cookies from Google, which means I can't uncensor my search results. Time to switch to Yahoo Would opt-out be possible?

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    The google tracking cookie has been on here for well over a year. You're already infected, or so it seems.

    For the content-aware links, can donors have it disabled? noadskthxbye

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    Maybe. They'd actually be contextual links, not content aware links, so if you mentioned an XBOX for example the word XBOX may hyperlink automatically. No where near as intrusive as the real ads.

    Still in R&D though so we'll see if it becomes a reality or not.

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    On topic: Wow, this sounds like such a good idea! /endpostingtoavoidspamminginfraction

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    i buyed musiks for my dad using your linkie. It was only like..30 dollars or something, so maybe youll get a small chunk. ^^

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    May I show what the report I get looks like so everyone who's curious/concerned can see there's no identifying information about who did it? It's just a list of product names/prices.



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