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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.337] Royal Hairpin

  1. Default [1.2.337] Royal Hairpin

    Guild skills were also updated. The changes are listed here



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    Looks hawt.

  3. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    Game breaking helm from KMS? i dont believe it.

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    I am seeing many a chinchilla next to those seed/spray-painted lemon things. o.o

  5. Meme Oppressor Bi Transgender - Female to Male
    IGN: AyakoChan
    Server: E. Luna
    Level: 209
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: Labyrinth
    Alliance: Labylicious
    Farm: Youjo


    Went My Way's image links dont work so I had to save the image.
    Anyway OH YEAH.

  6. Won't Be Coming Back Gay Male

    IGN: Scofflaw
    Server: Cain
    Level: 70
    Job: Wrecking Ball
    Guild: Factory


    That mount is on global maple story already.

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    5 attack from a helm is game breaking? lol

  8. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    Theyre chaos scrolls are cheap as hell. Its basically just sitting there waiting to have more attack on it.

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    You're going to need like 15 Attack on it to even come close to competing with a CZak or any of the +18 alls.

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    Attack helms have existed since the Coca Cola tie-up February 08 I believe, in JMS. With chaos scrolls they've easily exceeded +5 atk.


    I believe the chinchillas denote that the stated effects are not what's in the data.
    holy crap I just noticed they were chinchillas I thought they were flyeyes *shocked*

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    Yeah, that's our version of the Vicious Hammer. The Golden Hammer can only be used once on any item, and its not in the Cash Shop. I think it may have come from Peanut Machine or Gacha, but I'm not really sure.

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    Doesn't seem that game breaking even with chaos scrolls....

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    isn't 1 att = 5 main stat points when you're around lvl 120?. Then that hat would give the equivalent to +25 str for a warrior around lvl 12x, imagine if its chaosed to have 10 or hgher. It's the same thing that happened between MoN's and HT pendants.

  15. Default

    Except this one is level 40 so it gains much lower bonuses from potential than level 71+ hats.

  16. Lead Ball Straight Male
    IGN: Arrg
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 192
    Job: Viper
    Guild: Century (leader)
    Alliance: Foreigner


    This is the 3rd time we've had the hat. It expires (unless it changed this time). It's part of the korean equivalent to thanksgiving, iirc.

  17. Helium Atom

    IGN: GunsOnly
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Corsair
    Guild: Leaf
    Alliance: Honorbond


    Don't forget 71+ Hats (Scar, Targa) also give +17 to mainstat, +15 to secondary stat. To most people moving to a 10~ att hat (assuming chaosed) would involve major problems getting gear to make up for the missing 15 secondary stat, and people with enough money to be willing to do that will usually have very high potential bonuses on their helms already.

  18. Mercury Straight Male
    IGN: MagiRico
    Server: LoL NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Jungle/Top/Supp
    Guild: Deny
    Alliance: Eternal


    Not to mention many players DEPEND on the stats given by Zhelms/Targa/Scarlion/Chaos Zhelms to even wear most of their equipment, and they come with a lot more potential. 5 attack wouldn't even be much compared to our helms pre-potential. The potential System also reduces the benefit of having weapon attack compared to your main stat. :S I don't see a problem here. Lawl @ Game Breaking.

    Its not like Chaos Scrolls are reliable anyways, and its pretty foolish to assume something like this can be mass scrolled like a Witch Belt before you guys learn how to even get it.



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