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  1. Default The Grand Maple Quest Catalog!

    Quests. . . quests. . . quests. . . where do they come from and where are they going? These things I must discover. These things I must find. These things I must collect!

    Welcome to a project I have been planning to do for over 2 years now but was always too lazy until recently. The purpose of this thread is two fold, one is to have a collection of the interesting quests in the game in case they ever get changed or removed, and two is for anyone who is too lazy or just simply wouldn't ever have a chance normally to see some of these quests/chats. Such as the ones in CWKPQ.

    The first target for my catalog was Masteria for obvious reasons. I have taken a screenshot of almost every interesting chat in Masteria, I am still missing a few, but I will get to those soon enough. But for now enjoy what I have gathered.


    Extra Masteria Chats

    And that does it for the first edition of the Grand Quest Catalog. There are still a few holes to fill, but I'll fill them soon enough.

    Also, if you happen to have any suggestions of a questline I should add to the Catalog go ahead and recommend it, if I feel the story is good enough I'll record and then catalog it here.

    And feel free to send in your own quest images to be added to the catalog. I would enjoy adding Cygnus, Aran, Evan, Dual Blade and the 4th Job quest lines to this catalog also.

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    Interested in the 4th job quest dialog, Frostprey dialog, or a small bit of the Magaita back-story from Alacaster?

    I swear I saved more myself, but it seems that was about all I saved.

    This is an interesting thread. I'd personally like to see the quests where NPCs were with mobs that could 3-4 hit kill characters at the time where most people would not be able to fully read the text.

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    I'll take 4th job and Frostprey for sure since the job skills are going to go away with Big Bang. Though I'll most likely add the entire Magatia questline when I feel like it, I need to finish off Masteria fully first though.

    Besides Lukan and his stuff what other NPCs are like that?

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    I feel I'm obligated to post the original JMS Neo Tokyo storyline and the JMS original Dual Blade storyline but screenshots aren't working for me and I've already beaten most of them...if they become repeatable in the Big Bang update I will post them (if no one else do). I haven't been able to beat Aufheben (being an MM) but I heard the ending will bring tears.

    The El Nath quests, the Magatia quests and the Crimsonwood Keep quests (not sure if the same ones exist in GMS as other versions) are gems. Magatia is probably the only sad storyline ending in the entire game (as far as I know).

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    I don't know if this is really worth the time and effort... big bang's just gonna make them all go into the scrap heap anyway.

    Though I can understand doing it for archival reasons or old time's sake.

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    Here's the text for Cool As Ice
    (also proof that you don't need to be equipped with a MoN to do the quest):

    Warning, image heavy

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    Alrighty, may take a few edits in as a post it, so here goes.


    Full Quests


    Assorted Misc. Quest Quotes

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    No they don't. The only quests that get resetted are the ones in your In Progress tab and the Neo City and Pap quests.

    Thanks, but I plan on adding it when I do the quest on my "quest mule" though.

    Thanks for this too. I'll have to sort through it later.

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    I SS'ed all my advencement text and SS'ed all the windows where I got actually got skills if you're interested :). As a Corsair btw.

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    Yeah, go ahead. Maybe with enough screen shots I'll be able to piece together each skill quest.

  11. Water

    IGN: SolicShooter, SolicSage
    Server: Demethos
    Level: 162
    Job: Captain, BaM
    Guild: FallingStars
    Alliance: Quit MS


    Since he gave you the advancement which is virtually the same I won't bother uploading it.


    I could also show some SS's of inside the quest stages. Didn't bother with awakening. This is my first time uploading something so lets see if I did it right :O. such nostalgia, looking at those old pics :).
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    Thanks for that. If you wouldn't mind would you place [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] tags around your images so it doesn't take up too much of the screen.

    Once I get the time I'll sort through the images you guys posted and add them to the main post. Not without giving you guys credit of course.

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    I'll see if I can get these quests mostly done on my Evan in order to get you some screenshots. Unfortunately, he's not quite high enough to finish the whole storyline. Ugh.



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