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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.335] Guild Overhaul

  1. Default [1.2.335] Guild Overhaul

    Credit to Xakris for patch notes

    Other Guild Information

    Guild Skills




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    Oh! Thanks for reminding me. I need to patch! ^^

    Hopefully, we'll get some people to log into KMST and test this stuff out.

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    woa skills.

    Ok awesome now I just got to figure out how to get the ATT and EXP one.

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    +Droprate (meso?)
    +Weapon/Magic Attack buff
    +Buying/selling efficiency (what??)
    +Guild Supporting Supplies? What????

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    Looks like these are temporary skills. Each skill has a price and a period in which it works.

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    And what exactly does that mean?

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    The data only tells me so much.

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    Maple Story Test Client Ver. 1.2.335 was released.

    In this patch, amended as follows, have been added.


    1. Guild created the condition has been corrected.

    - He can create the guild.
    - Guild creation costs have been adjusted.
    - NPC in each town hall of heroes by Leah can go directly to.

    2. Guild administrative costs have been corrected.

    - Increasing the number of guilds and guild mark registration fees required have been adjusted.
    - Guild delete, delete guild mark fee is eliminated.

    3. Guild Points (GP) has been modified to accumulate. If you are following a cumulative GP.

    - Guild's play time for the expiry of one hour
    - At the guild level up
    - Guild Skill purchases
    - Adding guild

    4. Guild level is introduced.

    - Cumulative GP level is determined according to the guild.
    - Guild Guild-only skills, depending on the level, you can use.
    - When leaving the guild, the guild will be deducted from the accumulation of the GP.

    5. Skill has been added to the guild only.

    - Certain guild level is reached, the skills can be learned.
    - Guild dedicated to skill skill contract to pay for certain periods may be extended.
    - Guild members can purchase one of the skill effect is applied to all guild members.

    GP's are finally useful ;D

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    What is Guild Level?

    Edit: Above post answered this already.

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    Guilds now have a real level up system? Interesting.

    It's stupid to have GP's removed when someone leaves the Guild though.

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    Guild levels vary on your guild points...?

    If you don't grind or log-in every day you'll be freeloading off your guild buddies. I'll be able to survive so long as they don't close the loophole that counts the time you have the preloader open as time you've been logged on. Still you might get banned for hacking :( Terrible feature, guild points.

    It's just like the family system. Everyone's tied in, but if you don't get in soon enough, you'll never be able to join the group and feel left out for the rest of your Maplestory life, like I feel with the stupid family system. [edited] It reflects Asian relationships whether it be romantic, family or employment. If you missed out on it when everyone was finding someone, you're never, ever going to find someone (esp. if you're a female). If you don't get married in your twenties or find a place to work for when you first get out of college, you're done, you're life is over. Kill yourself. Also kill yourself if you ever get divorced, lose a family member or get laid off. You'd also done; no one will marry a "damaged good" (someone who's been married and/or had children) or "used good" (someone who's been laid off; no longer young enough to be fully trained from scratch nor is able to work as long). Nexon is following the exact same formula, except you only get one chance like their other limited time events, except even worse. If you got left out when this thing hits or when family system hits, you're done, you're out. I got royally screwed for this and still haven't been able to find a decent elder or a junior (I have been scammed out of thousands of points by pomegranatety people).

    Nexon should draw the line between one-time events and one-time features. The latter could ruin the game for you permanently if you got left behind, with no chance of ever being righted unless the feature is removed.

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    I've spent most of my MapleStory time without a Guild and in my own family, and I am just fine. However applying the family system to this Guild system is retarded, there will be people who join your Guild and then one day go inactive, then you need to kick them to add an active person. It just doesn't work for Guilds, hopefully Nexon Korea will realize this mistake and fix it before its official release.

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    Hmm...that's the same as in LaTale.

    I guess it would make people more selective when adding players to their guild, and deter people from random expulsion.

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    I'm liking the mastery book that seems to work for any skill o.0

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    That medal is sort of old. And not all that good. However a tradeable medal is interesting.

    Oh, wow, first time I've been impressed by cash shop items in a long time.

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    Sounds more like giving it to a particular NPC gives you a random Mastery Book...

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    Guild Chair, huh? I wonder how you get it, hopefully it's not something only for Guild Leaders/Juniors.

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    Oh, wow. This is weird... Spadow made a new guild to try out the new system. When someone leaves the guild, you lose 500 GP. When someone joins, you gain 500 GP. You also get GP by adding points into skills. I'm not sure about how to level the guild or anything yet. My guess is that it levels when it hits that GP cap.

    Apparently, it costs 20 mesos to use a skill. LOL

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    Except in LaTale the guild bonus is a passive one, along with this thing called guild crop(not sure on how that works). Since this system seems to use guild points like the family system, we should get more ways to get guild points other than leveling and being online. Completing (party) quests should also count(should also count for family).

    The guild I'm in is more of a "fun" guild. There are about 5 "active" members, so I don't think I'll be getting a lot from this system. But yes, guilds will pay more attention to who they add.



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