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    A few things about this table so it will make more sense to you:

    1. For a mob to be on this table, it must be a trainable mob. After Big Bang, all trainable mobs can now be seen when you hover your mouse over a map dot in the world map. For a mob to be trainable, you must be able to see this mob from the world map.
    2. The mob must give EXP.
    3. The mob must have a name given in GMS.
    4. "Effective HP" on this table represent's the mob's HP multiplied by "100 / (100 - MDRate)".

    STRONG = 0.5 multiplier
    No Text = 1.0 multiplier
    WEAK = 1.5 multiplier
    IMMUNE = Always does 1 damage

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    Bookmarked for immense usefulness. Thanks Capt. Chinchilla :>

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    Wait... why 1 + ((100 - MDRate) * 0.01)?

    That simplifies to 2 - MDRate * 0.01. Where does the 2 come from?

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    Oops. Now I'm really glad I posted the formula I used.

    How does this look:

    (MDRate + 100) * 0.01

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    Close, but not quite. Consider MDRate = 50. This means everything does half damage, so you want effective HP to be twice the original. By your formula however, it only comes out as 1.5x original.

    This is like those problems where, if you take an original price, mark it up 20%, then discount it 20%, the end price is actually 4% lower than you started with, since the second 20% is taken out of a larger amount.

    What you want is 100 / (100 - MDRate), although with fairly low values of MDRate the two expressions tend to be close.

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    Thank you, Russt.




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